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NEWS FLASH of a fantastic discovery

Early Christian Codices

They contain a number of images and textual allusions to the Messiah, as well as some possible references to the crucifixion and resurrection.
British archaeologists are seeking to authenticate what could be a landmark discovery in the documentation of early Christianity: a trove of 70 lead codices that appear to date from the 1st century CE, which may include key clues to the last days of Jesus' life.

Philip Davies, emeritus professor of Old Testament Studies at Sheffield University, told Pigott he was "dumbstruck" at the sight of plates representing a picture map of ancient Jerusalem. "There is a cross in the foreground, and behind it is what has to be the tomb [of Jesus], a small building with an opening, and behind that the walls of the city," Davies explained. "There are walls depicted on other pages of these books, too, and they almost certainly refer to Jerusalem."

Still, other students of early Christian history are urging caution, citing precedents such as the debunked discovery of an ossuary said to contain Jesus' bones.

Read this whole story: here


NEW: Thanks to a good Christian named Robert - Free Christian Bible (Alkitab) in Indonesian & Malay. In both .pdf & .Html formats. Christian (Yesus Kristus) Bible:

See here:


GospelGo offers gospel recordings for free download in every language of Malaysia.

An evangelistic playlist has been distributed to over 2000 Muslim Malay students. About fifty additional young people receive it daily. There are gospel recordings and powerful testimonies from converted Muslims. Portions of the Malay Bible are available.



The Christmas story

See this short video clip
A child is born

Click picture above


                                   Want a 'spiritual lift'?
See this music video 'Shine Jesus Shine'




In Malaysia are "Bibles more 'dangerous' than nuke plants?" The Blog at the link below discusses Malaysia being so scared of the Christian Alkitab (Bible) that they are defacing this Christian holy book by requiring it be stamped 'For Christians Only' and serialized.

Read: Bibles more 'dangerous' than nuke plants?

Also read: Sarawak Bibles stamped with Home Ministry seal


Read the Indonesian (Terjemahan Baru) Bible online here:

Here’s the verse from John chapter 3, verse 16, that almost every Christians can memorise :

3:16 Karena begitu besar kasih Allah akan dunia ini, sehingga Ia telah mengaruniakan Anak-Nya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepada-Nya tidak binasa, melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal.

(Yohanes 3:16)


Sample of John 1:1 in High Malay


Speaking on Monday (22 Dec 08), Catholic Pope Benedict said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behavior was as important as protecting the environment.

Read more about this: HERE



     Buddha Spoke of Jesus
500 years before Jesus was born

In the Buddhist Scriptures, there is a prophecy from about 500 B.C. (Before Christ) of the "Holy One" who would come.  One who would lead the people away from the old way, and introduce a new way. 

Buddha described the "Holy One" by saying;

in the palm of his hands and in the flat of his feet will be the design of a disk, in his side will be a stab wound; and his forehead will have many marks like scars...."  This describes the risen Jesus, after being crucified for our sins, exactly!

Permission was granted to copy these Buddhist Scriptures regarding the prophecy of the Holy One (Jesus) from Wat Phra Sing in Chiang Mai Province. The person who gave permission was Phra Sriwisutthiwong in Bangkok. It is guaranteed that this copy is accurate according to the original, that there is no error in transmission, which is in the book of the district headman, the religious encyclopedia, volume 23, book #29. This inquiry was made on October 13, 1954 A.D. (Buddhist era 2497).  Phra Sriwisutthiwong is the Deputy Abbot and Director of Wat Pho Museum, Wat Pho Temple, Thailand.

Read this entire true history in English: here

download in MS Word (.doc): here

download in Adobe .PDF format: here






The Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) who came back to life a changed man.

picture of athet paulu

Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu

The terrible, terrible lake of fire
Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu's story:

I learned later that I actually died for three days. My body decayed and stunk of death, and my heart stopped beating. My body was prepared for cremation and was put through traditional Buddhist purification rites.

The king of hell told me to look into the lake of fire. I looked and I saw the saffron colored robes that Buddhist monks wear in Myanmar. I looked closer and saw the shaven head of a man. When I looked at the man's face I saw it was U Zadila Kyar Ni Kan Sayadaw [the famous monk who had died in a car accident in 1983]. I asked the king of hell why my former leader was confined to this lake of torment. I said, "Why is he in this lake of fire? He was a very good teacher. He even had a teaching tape called 'Are You a Man or a Dog?' which had helped thousands of people understand that their worth as humans is far greater than the animals." The king of hell replied, "Yes, he was a good teacher but he did not believe in Jesus Christ. That's why he is in hell."

I was told to look at another person who was in the fire. I saw a man with very long hair wrapped on the left hand side of his head. He was also wearing a robe. I asked the king of hell, "Who is this man?" He replied, "This is the one you worship: Gautama [Buddha]." I was very disturbed to see Gautama in hell. I protested, "Gautama had good ethnics and good moral character, why is he suffering in this lake of fire?" The king of hell answered me, "It doesn't matter how good he was. He is in this place because he did not believe in the Eternal God."


Read this entire true story in English: here

Read in Chinese: here

Download  free Adobe .PDF file reader software



Pernahkah anda mendengar tentang Empat Hukum Rohani?

Read here



Who Is Jesus? Get To Know Him Personally!
What Does The Bible Say To Me? Where will I be 5 minutes after death?

Without a doubt the most important message of all times is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other name on Earth, beneath the Earth or in the Heavens above by which a person can be saved except through the name of Jesus.

Christ's payment for our sins is so complete and sufficient that we can add nothing to it. We cannot save ourselves, and we need not try, because He has already paid for our sins.  The payment for sin always involved a blood sacrifice. In the Old Testament, animals were sacrificed for sin. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, became the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of mankind.

Learn more at the Thomas Road Baptist Church: here




The most often asked question to a Christian
What is this Trinity?

We often hear Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses and others ask; "how can God be 3 people?"

The Holy Bible is a stumbling stone to those who are in darkness.  Those who are in darkness, and under the influence of the prince of darkness, naturally stay very far away from this book.  They will believe all the lies, like those told by Islam, about this book. 

To begin to understand the Trinity, one must first understand that the holy Bible is the Word of God. It is not a book written by men about God; but a book written by God.  The Bible is not a book by men seeking a lost God; but a book by God seeking lost men.

No Christian (including Catholic priests and mainline Protestant Ministers) believes there are "three gods in one"

Christians believe there are 3 persons, all having the same substance.  These 3 persons are infinitely coexistent, coeternal, and coequal.  They each have their own "natures". For evidence of this we look to the holy Bible and scripture.

Remember, when Jesus was being baptized by John the Baptist, the Father's voice was heard to say; "this is my Son".  Also present was the Holy Spirit. See Matthew 3:16-17.

Jesus told us all we need to know, when He told us: I and my Father are one John 10:30. 

Read more about the Trinity: here

It's equally hard to understand to some that a person is also tripartite.  But, nevertheless, it is true.  God created us with 3 distinct but entirely separate "parts".  We have a physical body, a spirit and a soul (intellect & will).

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  1 Thessalonians 5:23 

See scriptural references as Jesus being God, including Thomas saying; "My Lord and my God" to Jesus. See here

Jesus fulfilled over 350 prophecies about Himself. Of these, over 105 it would be impossible for anyone else in history to fulfill. Figure the odds. See here


One Must be a Christian to be Saved!

References for this is found in John 14:6; Acts 4:12, and 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16. One cannot be a Christian without verbally confessing the deity of Jesus the Christ. One cannot even pray to God, let alone have sins remitted by Him, without approaching Him through Jesus (John 14:6 and 13, 15:16; 16:23-24; Romans 5:2, and Ephesians 2:18).

I know Muslims and Mormons, Christian Scientists, Jehovah Witnesses, Unitarians, Scientologists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Seventh Day Adventists -and many others - will not want to hear this, but the Bible declares that Jesus was the FINAL revelation of God to man (Hebrews 1:1-3). There have been no others.




More attacks on the Christian faith?

Documentary claim - tomb of
Jesus and the entire (postulated) Holy Family found in Jerusalem cave
Then one of the ossuaries went missing. The human remains inside
were destroyed or buried before any DNA testing could be carried ou
by Steve Keohane,

Brace yourself. James Cameron, the director of 'The Titanic' is back with another blockbuster. This time, the good "ship" he and the Jewish film maker Simcha Jacobovici are trying to sink is Christianity.  Their documentary which they are hoping will make them rich, suggests Jesus did not ascend into heaven as the Gospels say; instead he married Mary Magdalene, had a son, and his bones lie somewhere decomposed in the earth.

It's just more proof Christianity is the way, and the devil's time is short, because it seems that every godless atheist and disciple of Satan is out there trying to disprove Christianity and make a buck on it right now. Why is it, nobody seems to have any interest in doing the same thing to Islam, rabbinic Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism

First get over this... "Five hundred people saw the risen Jesus Christ on one occasion and up to 3,000 people on several occasions."  This following an excruciatingly painful ordeal which culminated in His death.  His crucifixion and "death" were a well documented fact, attested to in Jewish records, 4 written Gospels and other sources.

The fact remains, Jesus Christ's tomb was empty, he physically appeared to thousands of people and ate with and spoke to them, the Romans and Jews who opposed Jesus and His followers at the time could not find his bones, and cowards like Peter, skeptics like Thomas, and vicious persecutors like Paul became extraordinarily brave men who underwent painful torture and death rather than deny that they had witnessed the resurrected Jesus Christ.

The Israeli-born, Canadian-based film maker Simcha Jacobovici is reigniting claims, first made over a decade ago, and long debunked, that a burial cave uncovered 27 years ago in Talpiot, Jerusalem, is the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth and his family.

After having done an extensive investigated into the Resurrection of Jesus, the former atheist and award winning reporter for the Chicago Tribune,  Lee Strobel says; "People need to understand that the Resurrection isn't the product of wishful thinking but is an actual historical event for which there is compelling and convincing evidence".

It was the historical evidence that brought Strobel to a turning point in his life.  Strobel explained: "They (people) need to understand that apart from the truth of the Resurrection, there's no hope for humankind because it was Jesus' atoning work on the cross and His triumphant return from the dead that enables us to receive the free gift of forgiveness and eternal life that we could never merit or earn on our own."

The Apostle Paul explained it best in I Corinthians 15:12-22.  Verses 12 & 17 sum it up: "Now if Christ is proclaimed as raised from the dead, how can some of you say there is no resurrection of the dead? ... And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins."

In other words both the Apostle Paul and Lee Strobel are telling us is, if the Resurrection is false then we have no hope.  But since it is true, the door to heaven is unlocked for all those who put their trust in Jesus the Christ.

Talpiot, Jerusalem

The Tomb in Question - Talpiot, Jerusalem
East Talpiot, just south of Jerusalem’s Old City
in a Mt of Olives neighborhood

The story starts in March 1980, in Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood, with the discovery by the late Yosef Gat (Joseph Gath) of a 2,000 year old cave containing ten coffins.

Christians believe that Jesus ascended into heaven in front of a large group of witnesses. The event is mentioned briefly by the Evangelist Mark (16:19) and Luke (24:50-53). A more detailed account is given by Luke in the Acts of the Apostles (1:1-12).  In Christianity there are 4 complete separate Gospels.  There are over 80,000 quotations in the works of early Christian writers.  There are thousands of letters written from the 1st century still in existence.  No mention has ever been made of Jesus if Nazareth either ever having been married, or having a son.
Acts 1 9-11: while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; 11 Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

Considering how the Jewish authorities were desperately trying to stamp out Christianity.  What's the likelihood they would allow a neat little shrine/family plot of Jesus' family, right there in their "backyard"?

Christians were warned about these end time attacks on our faith, and the resulting End Time 'Apostasy'.

Timothy 4:1-2, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.” 

Also consider how the film's producers misused scholars in a deceitful way in this film.  Simcha did it in this film, just the same way he did it in his TV special "The Exodus Decoded".  The two very prominent Egyptologists, Manfred Bietak and Donald Redford claimed that they were quoted out of context by Simcha in his "The Exodus Decoded". 

In this latest Simcha ploy, he got the distinguished epigrapher Frank Moore Cross to read the script of the ossuary inscribed "Jesus son of Joseph".  The film leaves the impression that Cross supported the view that this was Jesus' tomb.  Cross has since spoken out saying he was "upset" at his appearance in Simcha's latest film.  Simcha knew that Cross felt that this was not Jesus' tomb.  But he only used the reading of the inscription by Cross in the film, and not his view that this is not the tomb of Jesus.  Israeli scholar Tal Ilan expressed similar outrage at the use of her interview in Simcha's film.

Read this entire story: here



Jan 07

Archeology News:

Christian gravesite found on the Mount of Olives

Christian Scholars are excavating a site which may hold clues to some of the burials of those left behind after Jesus departure.  A white cross has been found with the Greek inscription, 'To The God Jesus Christos'.  This same inscription was found in a ruin adjacent to Megiddo prison in Israel, where a mosaic floor also had written in ancient Greek, “To the God, Jesus Christo.”

Read more about this article from Judaistic Review: here




News - 2 Jan 2007
Malaysia stands by Iran gas deal

Malaysia is threatening to end free trade talks with the United States if it is asked to break an energy development deal with Iran.

A US legislator has raised concerns about Malaysia's $16 billion (£8bn) deal to develop Iranian gas fields and build liquefied natural gas plants there.

The US is Malaysia's biggest trading partner and free trade talks between them began in June last year.

Malaysia's prime minister says he will not bow to pressure from Washington.
Pressure on Iran

The US is trying to put pressure on Iran to end a nuclear program that it claims is aimed at developing nuclear weapons.

Iran claims that it is only trying to generate nuclear energy.

Concerns about trade between Malaysia and Iran were raised by Tom Lantos, chair of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee.

But with a fifth round of trade talks between the US and Malaysia scheduled for later this month, Malaysian leaders warned they wouldn't allow its commercial relationship with Iran to impinge on negotiations.




Islamic authorities in Malaysia gave up their claim to the body of a Muslim convert in early December 2006, ending a nine-day dispute with the family. The authorities had planned to give Rayappan Anthony a Muslim burial despite his conversion to Christianity.

Read entire story: here



Abandoning Islam for Christianity is such a sensitive issue in Malaysia that many converts find themselves leading a secret, double life

"If people know that I've converted to Christianity, they might take the law into their own hands. If they are not broadminded, they might take a stone and throw it at me."

Maria - not her real name - is a young Malaysian woman who has lived a secret and sometimes fearful life since she converted from Islam to Christianity.

Read entire story: here



The other Malaysia:  Freedom of Faith and religious agency
Read entire story: here



Bible Banned in Malaysia

The Iban-language Bible, known as the Bup Kudus, was among 35 books banned by the ministry, for being considered "detrimental to the public peace" of the largely Muslim nation.  Thirty-four of the banned books are written in Bahasa Malaysia. The Bible is the only Iban language book that has been banned.
Read entire story: here



Music Videos

Click Picture below
via dolorosa video

Sandy Patty sings "Via Dolorosa" to scenes from the "Passion of the Christ".


Click Picture below

The Old Rugged Cross

The Old Rugged Cross
by Rex Nelon and The Gaither Vocal Band

Click Picture below
via dolorosa
Familia Maranatha - Via Dolorosa




Hell is Real!
See this amazing Video on people who have gone there.


See this Video: here

Also read these true Near Death Experiences: "Hell's Dominion", and "Angie Fenimore who comitted suicide"





Father's Love Letter
an intimate Message from God

                                           Listen in English: here



Recommended Reading




Protecting your Home from Spiritual Darkness

There is an awful lot of things most Christians need to learn about demons. They can be present in a home due to things like graven images, which can be Hindu items, Buddhist items, Muslim, voodoo, American Indian, occult, witchcraft, freemasonry, pornography, etc. Masonry items are occult. Freemasonry can also be a generational curse.  Items, including ceramic statues that have been used in pagan ceremonies can also carry evil with them.  Some clothes can also.  These can invite demons into your home. You invite them in along with these items. If you have any - get rid of them. They can also inhabit a property due to some bad things that happened in the past on the land or in the house. There are generational curses that the Bible warns us about. These can be passed down to you from your relatives. These can occur if someone in your family was a Freemason, cheated anyone out of their land, or bowed down to a graven image like a statue of Buddha, etc. Read more at the below link, including how to use "anointing oil" to help protect your home.

Read more: here


"Heavenly Man"

heavenly man

Malaysia  -  God Uses 'The Heavenly Man' book to bring Revival in Prison.  Read about this here

This book is a Testament to the tens of thousands of Christian martyrs --just in the past few decades who have given their lives for Christ in places like Malaysia, China, India, the Middle east, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and North Korea. If you never believed in miracles and the mystical--you will believe after reading how God is moving within China's underground "house churches". It's a modern-day classic that will, perhaps, challenge your faith and your life as no other book you may ever read..

See this and other Christian books here


At World Doctor's Conference, Heart Surgeon Relates Astounding Account of a Resurrection from the Dead
July 2007

Chauncey W. Crandall IV

Chauncey W. Crandall IV

"We quickly rushed the gentleman down to the intensive care unit, and the hospital was by now buzzing about the fact that a dead man had been brought back to life. After a couple of days he woke up. He had an amazing story to tell after I had asked him, 'Where have you been and where were you on that day that you had that massive heart attack? You were gone and we prayed you back to life in Jesus name.'"

Read about this: here




             Who do you believe?

Jesus said; "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believeth on him who sent me, has everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life." John 5:24

Muhammad never even knew the name of the true God (Yahweh/Jehovah/I am) who sent Jesus.  Nowhere in the Bible does God call Himself "Allah".

Christians & Jewish martyrs say;  "I will die for what I believe." A Muslim  martyr says; "you will die for what I believe."

picture of Jesus

picture of muhammad

Yahweh told us; "Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God" Isaiah 44:6

Jesus showed his divinity by doing many miracles, made prophecies that came true; and led a sinless life. He fulfilled over 300 prophecies about himself. 

Jesus promised to save those who believe and trust in Him. He willingly died for our sins. He said He is the Son of God and also God. He forgave sins and dispelled demons in His own name, and said He and the Father are one. (Surah 3:49; 5:110)

Proverbs 30:4 (written 700 B.C.): "...What is His name, and what is His son's name, if thou canst tell?"

(Psalm 2:11-12) Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

Jesus said; "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." Matthew 5:44

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

Jesus never took up a sword or encouraged anyone else to do so.  Once a close follower took it upon himself to take up a sword.  Jesus soundly reprimanded him.  Jesus warned; "all who take the sword will perish by the sword" (Matthew 26:52)

Christianity and Islam are necessarily forever diametrically opposed to one another, just as evil and good are.  Oral confession of the deity of Jesus Christ is prerequisite to becoming a Christian (Romans 10:9-10).  To a Muslim, this is blasphemy. To a Christian it is blasphemy to not attribute divinity to Jesus the Christ.  The New Testament could not be clearer on this subject.  The heart, core and soul of Christianity is allegiance to Jesus Christ as God, Lord, and Savior!  Were Jesus Christ who the Muslim Qur'an who it makes him out to be, then Christianity would be blasphemous and baseless.

Nowhere in the Bible is the name "Allah".  Muhammad managed to get billions of people to blindly misdirect their sweet prayers & hatreds to this old pagan tribal moon god of his own family.  This intolerant Islamic Allah was never there.

Muhammad's own father's
slave of allah

Muhammad led a robber band of desert thugs who plundered, raped and murdered.

No prophecies announced the coming of Muhammad.

All God's prophets did miracles to prove they were speaking for God. God would have it no other way.

Muhammad did NO miracles and made only ONE vague prophecy about 7th century Romans. Twice in The Qur'an Muhammad admitted he could not show any divine connection via miracles.
(Surah 17:90-95; 3:183, also see: 29:50-51)

Muhammad rarely showed any compassion and had all his detractors murdered. He was fond of splitting the spoils of war. 

Muhammad himself was unsure if he would go to heaven.  Allah often changed his mind to suit Muhammad's personal agenda.

"Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers, smite at their necks;" Qur'an (Koran) 47:4

Sura's 8:39; 9:5; 9:29: 47:4 in the Muslim Qur'an/Koran are 'divine' commandments to persecute Jews and Christians, to defeat them in battle and then to consign them either to slavery or to death.

Who is Allah really?  The Qur'an (Koran) says that Allah desires to lead people astray (Qur'an Sura 6:39, 126). He does not help those who are led astray by him (Sura 30:29), and Allah desires to use them to populate hell (Sura 32:13).

According to Muslim scholar Pickthal, "the number of campaigns (military) he (Muhammad) led in person during the last ten years of his life is twenty-seven, in nine of which there was hard fighting.  The number of expeditions which he planned and sent out under other leaders is thirty-eight" (n.d., pg. xxvi)


300 Prophecies of Jesus

Muhammad, Terrorist or Prophet?

Using the term “Son of Man” really was an expression of humility by Jesus. It's an indication of how God actually had been willing to lower Himself  to mankind’s level, by being born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18-25).

Fridays - The True Sign of Evil: There is no surer sign of evil than the diabolical way people worship the God of love. The word love is conspicuously missing from the Muslim Koran.  Christian and Jewish houses of worship preach love and no hatred on Saturdays and Sundays.  Contrast this with Islamic imams who every Friday, continue to blare forth their incendiary messages from their mosques of hate and contempt for Israel, the Jewish people, the USA, and the West.

U.S. Minister sends
Video Message to Osama bin Laden: You're going to Hell!


See the Dutch Fitna Video on Islam


Fitna is a 16 and a half minute film produced by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, head of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Dutch parliament.

The very chilling film shows footage of terrorist attacks by Islamist fanatics in Israel, New York, London and, of course, Holland, interspersed with calls by Muslim clerics to kill Jews, Westerners and a whole raft of other people. The combination of the bloody scenes with verses from the Koran and footage of Islamist preachers is not for the weak of heart.

See this video online now: here

If above video link goes down. See here





What does the true God think of Islam;
its lies about His Son? and its message
of hate

Dome of the Rock is the "Abomination of Desolation"
(what does that tell you?)

Recommended book

Islam in the end times
Read more: here

see this book: here
prophet Daniel in Arabic | prophet Daniel in Hebrew

"And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. 12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. 13 But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days."  Daniel 12:11-13 (written about 550 B.C.)

1290 & 1335 days of Daniel
(Daniel 12:11-13)

Proof the true God of the Bible and prophecy (Yahweh/ Jehovah/I am/Jesus) considers Islam as an evil  pagan religion. He is disgusted with those Islamic monstrosity's dedicated to another strange "god" on the Temple Mount.

Daniel 12 (KJV) online: here
The "abomination of desolation" already happened exactly on schedule (Daniel's 1290 day prophecy).  When the pagan Islamic Dome of the Rock and the al-Aksa Mosque were built on the temple mount, it made this holy place "desolated" or contaminated.  This was built during the 685 to 705 AD period.

The formula for changing old testament 360+ day years into our 365.24 day solar years is: x .9857 

Daniel gave 2 numbers.  The 2nd number 1335 - is the "double check," or CHECKSUM number:  Subtract this figure from 1948 when Israel was reborn after 2500 years and then multiply it by .9857 and you get another significant year for the Jews, Christians and all of western civilization. This figure plops exactly onto the year the false prophet, Muhammad of Islam died, and was lowered into a grave in Medina.  

A little after midday of 8 June, 632 AD, the 62 year old Muhammad died in the house of his wife A'isha.  Muslim historians back to the early 800's A.D. tell us that Muhammad consummated his marriage with A'isha when she was only 9  - when he was in his 50's. See the Muslim references for this: here

You may ask about the Lord's Olivet discourse on Daniels' prophecy in Matthew 24.  See Ellis Skolfield's excellent answer here

Read about Revelation 11:2, a parallel prophecy: here

Read more: here

Read this free ebook by Ellis Skolfield about the above. It's called, "The False Prophet".  Read "Muhammad, Terrorist or Prophet?"


The Truth is:
Muhammad did no miracles, and made no prophecies. He did not heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, or rule the wind and the waves. He had no more power than any normal man.  Muhammad had sex with a 9 year old girl when he was in his 50's.  And he also had sex with captives and slaves.  Muhammad had 12 wives.  He participated in 9 attacks on innocent caravans/villages himself; and he insisted that 1/5th of the booty from these attacks go to him.  Like those who are demon-possessed, Muslim historians report that Muhammad foamed at the mouth during prayers and cringed at even the sight of a cross.  Read here

The famous Iranian scholar, Ali Dashti comments:

Moslems, as well as others, have disregarded the historical facts. They have continually striven to turn this man [Mohammed] into an imaginary superhuman being, a sort of God in human clothes, and have generally ignored the ample evidence of his humanity. They have been ready… to present these fantasies as miracles.

Reference: Ali Dashti, "Twenty Three Years: A Study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammad"


News - February 2007

Angels singing 'caught on tape'
'It happened supernaturally. There's no other explanation'....

Read about this: here



Who is the Beast of Revelation?

The book of Revelation tells us about 3 "figures" who will arise in these end times, in opposition to Jesus Christ and His Church.  These figures are: the Antichrist, the Beast, and the Dragon (aka: serpent). 

The Antichrist will be a man, the Beast will be a political system that brings war to the earth.  The Dragon is identified with the devil (Satan).


Free Movie

More than Dreams
on DVD

More than Dreams DVD

For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women, without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians, have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Here are five stories of former Muslims who now know Jesus as their Savior, recreated in docu-drama format. Produced in their original languages with English subtitles.

ALI was a Turkish Muslim man in bondage to alcohol. While making making the pilgrimage to Mecca, hoping to be freed of his addiction and be led in the way of a true Muslim, he found Christ instead. (Turkish, 40 minutes)

DINI is an Indonesian teenager who became a Christian on a night that Muslims individualize their prayers to Allah. (Indonesian, 42 minutes)

MOHAMMED is a herdsman in Nigeria who survived various attempts on his life by his Muslim father, because Mohammed became a Christian. Mohammed eventually led even his father to faith in Christ. (Hausa, 46 minutes)

KHALIL was a radical Egyptian terrorist who was transformed when Jesus appeared to him and changed his heart. (Arabic, 29 minutes)

KHOSROW is a young Iranian man who was depressed and without hope until he met Jesus. Now joy fills his heart, and he is working in a Christian ministry to Iranian Christians in the U.S. (Farsi, 30 minutes)

In this movie the above ex-Muslims tell their true stories in their own languages. Excellent sub-titles in English are provided.

If you live outside Indonesia, you can Order this DVD




God's "wild fire" growing in China

chinese stele

Picture of a 10 foot ancient 8th century limestone "Stele [Recording] the Spread of the Religion of Light [Christianity] from Rome to China. Nestorian Christians first arrived in China in the 600's A.D. It is also known as the Hsi-an Monument, It was erected on January, 781 at the imperial capital city of Chang'an (modern-day Xi'an).  The Stele reveals that the Christian church had received recognition by the Tang Emperor Dezong.  Read translation of this Stele, here
God's fire has been kindled in China.  It is now beginning to blaze up there.  Soon, Christianity will be taken by Chinese Christian missionaries to the nearby strongholds of paganism, to confront the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim nations with the Gospel of Jesus.  Chinese Christian leaders have longed believed that God saved China for now, to begin His "end run" spread of the Gospel of Jesus, from China - all the way back to Jerusalem, where it all began.  When the Chinese say "Back to Jerusalem," they're talking first of all about a geographical advance of the gospel throughout history.  Some estimate that as many as 30,000 Chinese a day are becoming members of the Kingdom of God through the Gospel of Jesus, every day.  Some estimate that as many as 80 million Chinese have become Christians, within their Communist nation.  It hasn't been easy along the way.  But strangely enough, the Chinese Christians who have come through the "fire" of Communism, are like the earliest Christians - baptized with a spirit that will never be extinguished.

Read more this Spectacular growth of the church in China, that is unparalleled in Christian history...

See books: "Back to Jerusalem", "Jesus in Beijing" and "The Heavenly Man", here



Interesting Chinese Language Patterns
& Bible Teaching

For instance.  The Chinese character for a boat combines vessel with person and the number 8. There were 8 persons in Noah's ark.

chinese characters and the bible

Read this fascinating study here

It's beginning to look like the "Lost Tribes" of Israel, which is all -except Judah spread out everywhere. Even to the Americas, and to China and Japan, and Ireland. Read more about the LOST TRIBES of Israel here:

Read about the fascinating probable link to the Lost Tribes, Japan and Shintoism here



Mohammed and the Bus Driver

The story of one Malay's trip to Mecca and the strange incidents that occurred there...

Mecca! The man we will call Mohammed shivered with excitement. To think he was really here, at the heart of Islam in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of the great Prophet whose name he bore--the dream of a lifetime!

Although Mohammed served as an imam (pastor) at his local mosque on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, he had never before made a pilgrimage to Mecca, as all devout Muslims must do at least once. This first hajj in May 1992 fulfilled Mohammed’s commitment to the fifth and last pillar of Islam. He went full of expectation that this trip would represent the spiritual climax of his life.

On his first day in Mecca, Mohammed signed up for a bus tour of some outlying holy sites. The next morning he arrived early for one of the many regularly scheduled departures, and he sat right behind the bus driver to get a good view out the front window. He was glad the coach did not fill up and seats nearby remained empty.

The bus shifted into gear and headed down the road toward the city of Medina and the shrines they would visit. In Medina the Prophet Muhammad had established his theocratic state after fleeing a murder plot in Mecca in a.d. 622. With Medina more than two hundred miles north of Mecca, Mohammed had plenty of time to strike up a conversation with the bus driver.

Above the drone of the engine they exchanged chit-chat, using English as a common language.

"Yes, this is my first hajj," Mohammed told the dark-haired driver whose face framed deep, penetrating eyes. "I’m from Sumatra, a Malay--one of the largest Muslim people groups in Southeast Asia."

The driver swiveled his head sideways enough to see Mohammed. "You know, you really shouldn’t have spent all your money coming here."

Mohammed figured he had misunderstood. He leaned forward to catch the driver’s words. "Excuse me?"

"Coming here on pilgrimage is really a waste of money," the driver repeated unmistakably. "All the rituals seeking to get into Allah’s good graces--when you stop to think about it, Islam is full of hypocrisies."

Stunned, Mohammed could only listen as the man went on to point out issues he had never considered. For over an hour they conversed as the bus rumbled on through the desert.

"The truth is," said the driver, turning to look straight at his passenger, "Allah wants to know you personally, as a friend, not just at a distance through rituals. Islam can’t give you that kind of relationship."

With their destination approaching, the driver slowed and downshifted to park at the site. Everyone disembarked, but Mohammed’s head spun with new, unthinkable thoughts. In a daze he followed the tour group, yet now everything seemed confused.

What did the driver mean? Where did he get such a perspective? How could I possibly run into a person like that in the Holy Land!

After the tour Mohammed hurried back to meet the returning bus, eager to get a seat by the driver and resume their conversation. But when he boarded, he looked up to see the face of someone new. His spirits sank.

"What happened to the earlier driver?" he asked the man behind the wheel.

He got little more than a shrug in response.

Mohammed found a seat and stared out the window. During the trip back to Mecca, his heart burned with the words of the man on the morning bus. He felt he could recall the whole conversation from beginning to end.

Mohammed’s hajj lasted more than a week, but the excitement and anticipation he had brought with him fizzled like air from a leaky tire. Everything he saw and did etched fresh questions and doubts into his mind. As he continued his pilgrimage, he scanned all the buses lined up at each tour site, but never saw his driver again.

Back at home Mohammed’s family wondered why he had not returned bubbling with joy from his spiritual zenith. In the solitude of his thoughts he pored over the events of his hajj. He could not forget the driver’s words or his face. Yet Mohammed’s spirit grappled with perplexities. If Islam is not the true faith, what is?

A few days later Mohammed dropped by the home of a neighbor we will call A-Ching, a Chinese Christian, to borrow something. A-Ching welcomed him inside with customary Indonesian hospitality. As they chatted, Mohammed’s eyes lit on something hanging from A-Ching’s wall. There within a picture frame he saw the face of his bus driver from Mecca!

Mohammed gasped, pointing to the picture. "A-Ching! Do you know this man?"

"Yes, I do," came the reply. "That’s Jesus. You know Him as Isa."

Mohammed sat still as a stone. Isa! The second-highest prophet in Islam--the Christians’ Messiah! Could it be--?

When he found his voice, he spoke up quietly. "I have a story to tell you, A-Ching."

His neighbor, just as shocked at the tale, listened in silence. When Mohammed finished, he began to choke up, suddenly overcome with conviction of his sin. A-Ching explained the truths Jesus had declared about His own identity and purpose.

"Mohammed, you can receive salvation as the free gift of God through Jesus Christ," A-Ching told him. "You can have a personal relationship with God."

Mohammed prayed and committed his life to Christ. When he returned home, he gathered his family and spilled out the whole account. Awed at his story and his transformation, they, too, confessed Jesus as Lord and Messiah.

A-Ching introduced Mohammed privately to the pastor of his local fellowship. Then, for their own protection, a network of believers spirited the new convert and his family to a safe house in another city where they could receive biblical teaching without risking retribution from angry Islamists.

Mohammed’s trip to Mecca indeed proved to be the turning point of his spiritual life. But he never expected supernatural revelation to come through his bus driver.




Is Baptism Necessary?
Should infants be baptized? Yes!

Yes! Because Jesus said it is...

John 3:5
Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

In Mark 16:16 Jesus says, "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned."

Acts 2:38
Then Pet one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Read more about some lies denominations teach about baptism: here


What about Infant Baptism?

If you love your child, you will Baptize your child now, as an infant!

If you belong to a denomination who falsely teaches that a child should only be baptized after they have reached an age of reasoning, you are not following the Apostolic tradition, and you are actually being cruel to your child, should anything happen to them before they are baptized. 

Mothers, baptize your babies now before it is too late.  They can always decide themselves to do a 2nd baptism when they reach their age of reasoning.  You can baptize your child yourself, together with another Christian witness.  Do it solemnly, while sprinkling or pouring water over your baby, and saying; "I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit".  If you prefer, you can dunk an older child. 
Then serve cake and ice cream if you like.  Because this is a joyful event. 

From the beginning of New Testament Christianity at the Feast of Pentecost (Acts 2: 38-39) to our time, unbroken and uninterrupted; the church has baptized babies. Entire households (Jewish, proselytes and Gentiles) were baptized by Christ’s original 12 Apostles (I Corinthians 1: 16; Acts 11: 14, 16: 15, 33, 18: 8) and that practice has continued with each generation.

Read this excellent article by Lutheran Pastor
Dennis Kastens on "infant baptism" all the way back to the Apostles:  here



Do you believe in the Supernatural?

Christians know demons & Satan exists!  Jesus said so!

Scripture warns against trying to contact spirits of the dead, as there are countless demons trying to deceive us.

Below is a high definition picture of 2-3 somethings in a fog/mist

"Perhaps we will see more like these as digital cameras get even better and more widespread" Steve Keohane,

ghost picture

October 2006 - taken with a high definition digital camera

Karen wrote:
My grandson took this last night. It was very clear outside. He was trying to get a picture of a skunk and opossum in the back yard. I am a Christian and this is a real untouched picture. We see a face, do you? This bothered me and my grandson and I held hands, I said a prayer for protection. He said he felt better after doing so. 

Click to see more about this - and enlarged: here

See other "ghost" pictures


Milk eliminates the benefits from Tea

Tests on volunteers showed that black tea significantly improves the ability of the arteries to relax and expand, but adding milk completely blunts the effect.

Read this story here



News item

See the Cartoons about Muhammad that the AP and the American newspapers are scared to publish. 

This is the same Associated Press (AP) and U.S. press that is never afraid to publish Muslim and atheist insults on Christianity and Judaism. They scream "freedom of speech" and "democracy" when someone makes a painting of the Virgin Mary with cow dung, and have no problem showing videos of Muslim fundamentalists beheading innocent people. The Muslim world has never had any qualms about printing demeaning cartoons of Christians and Jews. 

The root of the problem really is the hold Satan has on Muslim imams and mullahs who are always preaching hatred in their mosques on Fridays.  Christian and Jews do not spew this venom in their churches and synagogues.

See the Danish Cartoons here



Israeli's do not track down and kill defenseless woman, children and old people.  Israeli's do not blow up entire bus loads of innocent civilians.
terrorism in israel video
The Full Story in Israel
About What's Really Going On in Israel

click above to see this 25 min movie



Soy - a danger to your health?
Is SOY to blame for a large increase in Homosexuals?

soy bean products
picture of some soy products

Research is now showing that when you feed your baby soy formula, you're giving him or her the equivalent of five birth control pills a day.
Scientists now are finding that Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to sexual confusion and homosexuality. That's why most of the medical (not socio-spiritual) blame for today's rise in homosexuality must fall upon the rise in soy formula and other soy products. (Most babies are bottle-fed during some part of their infancy, and one-fourth of them are getting soy milk!)

Homosexuals often argue that their homosexuality is inborn because "I can't remember a time when I wasn't homosexual." No, homosexuality is always deviant. But now many of them can truthfully say that they can't remember a time when excess estrogen wasn't influencing them.

Read more about this link to Homosexuality & other health problems associated with "Soy": 

Part I - HERE

Part II - HERE


Is soy better than cows milk or breast feeding?

soy beans
soy beans

An estimated 25% of North American babies receive infant formula made from processed soybeans. Parents use soy formula in the belief that is it healthier than formula based on cows' milk. Soy promotional material claims that soy provides complete protein that is less allergenic than cows' milk protein. When soy infant formula first became commercially available, manufacturers even promised that soy formula was "better than breast milk."

Parents have a right to know how these extravagant claims compare to scientific findings related to soy infant formula.

While soybeans are relatively high in protein compared to other legumes, scientists have long recognized them as a poor source of protein because other proteins found in soybeans act as potent enzyme inhibitors. These "antinutrients" block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion. In test animals, diets high in trypsin inhibitors depress growth and cause enlargement and pathological conditions of the pancreas, including cancer.

Read more about problems with Soy and infants here
study Soy more via Google, here



Palestinians massacred Christians in Lebanon

- don't forget

How soon do we forget? Click the below link to hear Brigitte Gabriel tell her true story about growing up a Christian in Lebanon, and how the Palestinians massacred the Christians in Lebanon.

Watch this Interview HERE



Joel's Prophecy  (Joel 3:1-2)   -   Just Fulfilled!

You can write this date in the margin of your Bible on Joel 3:1 and mark it "Fulfilled". Very few other prophecies have been so exactly fulfilled in modern history. Truly, God is consistently working in the life of Israel in this modern age!

This verse is one of the most exciting in the entire Bible, because the first part of it has already been fulfilled, in our lifetime! God "reversed the captivity and restored the fortunes" of Judah and Jerusalem -- Israel -- on May 14, 1948!

ISRAEL RECENTLY DIVIDED. Who will be judged for this? Who forced the Israelis to divide Israel? Don't say George Bush, but surely he too will be judged for this.  It started with the liberal Democrat Jimmy Carter, a President who made it clear, perhaps too clear that he too is a Christian; and it ended the same way just recently.  This perhaps symbolizes the unity in America to act against God's wishes. Neither president seems to ever of studied Scripture/Prophecies. More division is planned to take place by December 2005.

Joel 3:1-2
For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.  

Real Appearances of the Lord

Highly Recommended Book
miracle of miracles

MIRACLE OF MIRACLES is a young upper class Iranian girl's stirring true testimony about how Jesus Christ found her and her husband in Tehran, and how and why they had to escape Iran to avoid execution by radical Muslims.  Their crime? They converted from Islam to Christianity.  Rejected by her family who she loves, and an utter outcast in her homeland, Mina and her husband made a harrowing journey across the mountains to Turkey, then to Europe, and lastly to America.

If you have any doubt that the Lord Jesus Himself is leading the way and is seeking out worthy believers in Muslim countries --you won't after reading this book of true miracles.





More than Dreams
on DVD

More than Dreams DVD

For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women, without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians, have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Here are five stories of former Muslims who now know Jesus as their Savior, recreated in docu-drama format. Produced in their original languages with English subtitles.

You can Order this DVD






Protestants & Catholics united in Justification Dogma

We are saved by faith alone!

Actually we are saved by the Grace of the Lord!
Faith is a prerequisite of this Grace....

Most people do not yet realize it, but in 1999 the Catholic Church, under Pope John Paul II made a major concession in the "justification" argument and to Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.  Now, all that is left is for Protestants to understand that Catholics "honor and venerate" Mary, and only "worship and adore" Jesus. Catholics also look only to Jesus for their salvation.  See more on this here.

In 1998, in Augsburg, Germany the Vatican agreed in a joint Catholic-Lutheran Declaration;  We are justified by Faith alone.  Good works are proofs of the Holy Spirit working in us the Catholics added. Read here

The "Fundamentalist Protestant" test of a true Christian has always had 5 points that a Christian must agree with. It should be noted that Catholics have always agreed with all these same 5 points:

1. Christ was born of the Virgin Mary (Virgin birth)
2. Jesus was God in the flesh
3. Substitutional Atonement for our sins (by Jesus)
4. Jesus rose from the dead.
5. Jesus will return to earth.


News of astounding Miracles in Iran

-Jesus appears to an old Muslim theologian
-An Angel appears to a Muslim on a bus

Most Muslims are good people, but they simply redirect their fervent prayers to the wrong deity. Read this true story about Jesus appearing to a devout Muslim in Iran. Read "Miraculous Salvation of a second-generation Iranian Islamic Theologian": here

Also, read this real Angel visit on a bus to a Muslim returning home from prison in Iran. Read this real miracle "Zana meets an Angel": here



The last 10 Popes

Startling Prophecies of an 11th Century Irish Monk

Is this new Pope the "Glory of the Olive"?
does it signal the start of Tribulation?
will the next Pope, Peter the Roman signal Armageddon?

Read Malachy's 12th Century Prophecy of the Last 10 Popes here

He will be followed by "PETER THE ROMAN", the last pope.  The 112th prophesy states: "In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End."  The last pope may just cut Catholics loose from unity and the papacy, causing total disruption and confusion.

According to St Francis of Assissi's prophecy of 1225 A.D.

There will be an uncanonically elected Pope who will cause a great schism, there will be diverse thoughts preached which will cause many, even those in the different orders to doubt, yea, even agree with those heretics which will cause my Order to divide, then will there be such universal dissensions and persecutions that if those days were not shortened even the elect would be lost.”
Adonai Yeshua Ha Mashiach
He's the Jewish "Mashiach ben David" and the Christian Lord and Savior .  He is the Son of God, and one with the Father. 

For an example of the Christian understanding of  Trinity, and the Son as the only mediator between the Father and us - - read this true Near Death Experience - here

His Hebrew name is "Yehoshua".  In Aramaic it's "Yeshua", which means salvation.  The Greek equivalent is "Jesus" (Iesous).  His last name is not "Christ".  The word Christ  comes from the Greek christos, and means "Anointed One".

The Jewish Prophet Isaiah wrote about the Jewish Messiah (53:5), over 700 years before His miraculous birth in Bethlehem, Israel:
"But he was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with his is stripes we are healed".
Of all the books ever written, only the Jewish Torah (known to Christians as the Old Testament) and Christian Gospels have passed the test of 100% infallibility. No other "holy book" ever dared even to make a single prophecy. 
There are over 300 prophecies of Jesus/Yeshua written before his coming that only one person in history ever could fulfill.  109 of these prophecies Jesus/Yeshua, the Messiah, fulfilled to the letter.

Cyril of Alexandria (376-444 AD) says, ‘Indeed, the mystery of Christ runs the risk of being disbelieved precisely because it is so incredibly wonderful.  For God was in humanity.  He who was above all creation was in our human condition; the invisible one was made visible in the flesh; he who is from the heavens and from on high was in the likeness of earthly things; the immaterial one could be touched; he who is free in his own nature came in the form of a slave; he who blesses all creation became accursed; he who is all righteousness was numbered among the transgressors; life itself came in the appearance of death.  All this followed because the body, which tasted death, belonged to no other but to him who is the Son by nature,’  [On the Unity of Christ]

Read more about these "uncanny" prophecies Jesus fulfilled here




+++Beware of the new False Bibles+++

We recommend Protestants read only the Authorized King James version of 1611, and Catholics read only the older Catholic Douay Reims bible versions.
Read why here


The Third Temple - Will it be Rebuilt?

Jesus predicted that not one stone of the Jewish Temple would remain atop another.  The Romans utterly destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D.  What many people don't know is that in 363 A.D. the Jews tried to rebuild it, but God would have none of this.  In doing so, Jews themselves took the remaining stones from the Temple Mount.  In hindsight, the extraordinary act of Moshe Dayan handing over the Temple Mount to the Muslims can actually bee seen as an Act of God.  This is because, according to Scripture -only after the Lord returns will the Jewish Temple be rebuilt.

When the Jews tried to rebuild the Temple in 363 A.D. under Roman Emperor Julian "The Apostate", God stopped them from doing it by numerous signs such as fireballs, eruptions, earthquakes and more. 


Read here




The Shroud of Turin just got More Interesting!


The discovery of a second face on the Turin Shroud has again divided opinion. Does this mean it is real after all? Or does it mean it's an   even better hoax than was previously thought? Some people, and not just the faithful, never stopped believing in the first place.  Scientists are now talking about electrical fields and corona discharges. "It is extremely difficult to make a fake with these features," they say. Other scientific investigations have also been undermining the carbon-dating conclusions.  Though carbon-dating performed in 1988 suggested that the shroud dates from between 1260 and 1390, Mechthild Flury-Lemberg found that the fabric was woven in a three-to-one herringbone pattern, used for high quality cloths in the ancient world. One scientist also says she saw stitching patterns  (in the Shroud) surprisingly similar to material from Masada, the Jewish  fortress destroyed in AD 74. This 1260-1390 AD carbon dating may be false readings due to a middle ages fire giving off middle age carbon near the Shroud.

shroud of turin


Compare the Shroud with this Jewish face

Isaiah 53:2 written: 712 BC (Before Christ) 
"For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him." 
Some people have suggested the face depicted on the Shroud of Turin looks too European to be the first century Jewish face of Jesus.  The Lord was made to stay awake as He was beaten all night before being crucified.  After a grueling walk to Calvary, He hung on a cross much of the afternoon the next day.  This "European" look could very easily still be the "puffed up" and very hurt Jewish face of the Lord. 

Ghostly image may be of Jesus Christ, one researcher says

shroud of jesus

This photo released on April 13, 2004 by the Journal of Optics shows the new face found on the back side of the Turin shroud, as revealed by the studies of Italian scholars Giulio Fanti and Roberto Maggiolo.

The discovery that the ghostly image on the back of the linen cloth matches the face that adorns the front is likely to reignite debate over whether the shroud is genuine or a skillful medieval fraud.

“The fact that the image is two-sided makes any forgery difficult,” Professor Giulio Fanti of the University of Padua.

Read more about the Shroud of Turin



Hebrew Exodus - Red Sea Crossing was Real

bible code
Above chariot wheels & more found in the Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba)
The Bible said all the chariots of Egypt and 600 choice chariots, or gold veneered models, were in the army pursuing God's people.

Read about this here


A great luminous cross appeared in the heavens over Golgotha

cross over golgotha

A great sign appeared during the first year of Bishop Cyril's episcopate in Jerusalem, in the year 351, at nine o'clock in the morning of May 7.  This was in the era   of the "Arian heresy", in which the relationship of Christ to God the Father had been placed in question.  In a letter to the Roman Emperor Flavius Julius Constantius (31761), Bishop Cyril wrote;
"on the nones of May, about the third hour, a great luminous cross appeared in the heavens, just over Golgotha, reaching as far as the holy mount of Olivet, seen, not by one or two persons, but clearly and evidently by the whole city.  This was not, as might be thought, a fancy-bred and transient appearance: but it continued several hours together, visible to our eyes and brighter than the sun.  The whole city, penetrated alike with awe and with joy at this portent, ran immediately to the church, all with one voice giving praise to our Lord Jesus Christ, the only Son of God."  Cyril continued; "Everyone saw that the pious Christian faith consisted not in the disputable words of human wisdom." 

Thus Cyril gave an account of it to the emperor, and the faithful regarded it as a presage of victory over the Arian heretics.  Church historians Socrates, Sozomen, and others also wrote of this apparition.  Bishop Cyril was born at/near Jerusalem in 315 A.D.

Read more here




Read this sensational account of a real diabolical possession of a woman in Iowa in 1928.  What makes this account so unique is that the evidence was so overwhelming, and there were so many witnesses, that the Catholic Church actually gave their "Imprimatur" (stamp of approval) to this Exorcism report.

Click here to read this amazing story


Reverend Dr. T. L. Lowery's testimony on Demon Possession

I could hear the voice of the demon itself as the woman began to talk back to me.  I put the microphone to her lips so that everyone at the camp meeting could hear what the demon was saying.  The voice within her raged: "We've been here a long time, and we will not come out.  You are powerless to force us to come out."

Click here to read this amazing story


Rebuilding of Jewish Temple Miraculously Halted

RbeTskmöúCa sMrab; RBHeys‘U

Flavius Claudius Julianus, emperor from 361-363 A.D.

God is very particular about when and by whom a Temple to Him is built. 

Remember, God did not want David to build the Jewish Temple, but He did want his son Solomon to do it.... Jesus said the Temple would not be rebuilt until the End Days.

Both Christ and the prophet Daniel foretold not only its destruction, which was effected by the Romans under Titus, but its final ruin and desolation.

While Cyril was Bishop of Jerusalem, the apostate emperor Julian resolved to defy the words of Our Lord (Luke 21:6) by rebuilding the ancient temple of Jerusalem. He employed  the power and resources of a Roman emperor; the Jews thronged enthusiastically to him and gave munificently. But Cyril was unmoved.  Relying on the infallible truth of the scripture prophecies: as, that the desolation of the Jewish Temple should last till the end; and that one stone should not be left on another, Cyril wrote:

 “The word of God abides,” he said; “one stone shall not be laid on another.” 

The Jews of both sexes bore a share in the labor of rebuilding the Temple. Women helping to dig the ground carried out the rubbish in their aprons and skirts of their gowns.  At this time, the Temple foundations and some ruins of the walls of the Temple still stood.  Both Cyril and Eusebius say the inhabitants carried away the foundation and ruins stones for their private buildings. These ruins the Jews first demolished with their own hands, thus concurring with Jesus's prophecy. Then many thousands of Jews began to dig the new foundation. When the Jews tried to rebuild the Temple, history records that the combination of an earthquake in Jerusalem, Julian's death, and opposition from the rabbis (who were now the Jews' spiritual leaders in place of the former temple priesthood) put an end to the project shortly after work on it had begun. 

Other reports by both Church Historian Sozomen in 439 A.D. and a pagan writer named Ammianus tells us that horrible flames came forth from the earth, rendering the place inaccessible to the scorched  and frightened workmen. The attempt was made again and again, and then abandoned in despair. Soon after, the emperor perished miserably in a war against the Persians, and the Church had rest. 

In addition to earthquakes and fiery eruptions, Christian writers tell us the Temple Mount was engulfed in storms, tempests, and whirlwinds, lightning, crosses impressed on the bodies and garments of the assistants, and a flaming cross in the heavens, surrounded with a luminous circle.

Bishop Cyril died in peace in 386, leaving behind his Catechetical Lectures (systematic teaching of the Church on the Creed and Sacraments), which are a precious monument of Christian antiquity.  He lived to see the suppression and condemnation of Arianism at the end of his life.

Read this entire true story: here


The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas

christian martyrs

Early Church martyrs Perpetua and Felicitas (Felicity)

Perpetua was beheaded after being mauled by wild beasts while defending her belief in Christ.
Read the real prison diary of an extraordinary young woman martyred in Carthage in 202 or 203 AD. 

Read this extraordinary true story of courage & faith here



Road map to Jesus written in Torah (Genesis)

If I were a Jewish brother or sister, or a Muslim who denies Jesus, what is below would send shivers up and down my spine. It shows an awful lot of proof that the 66 books of the Bible are supernaturally endowed by God. Not only are the books of the Bible, written over a period of several thousand years, all tied together from Genesis to Revelation, but they consist of prophecy which is 100% accurate. No other holy book including the Qur'an can match the Bible in its supernatural accuracy. The Qur'an doesn't even dare to make a real prophecy.

Let's just look at just one "set" of "hidden" messages inside the Bible, in the Book of Genesis. This is the first book of Torah, and the Jews have had access to it for thousands of years. Why is it we often see pictures of Jewish rabbi's "pouring over" Torah, and making it their life's work to study Torah. Yet they have missed the most important message in the Bible. That message is that:

(1) God, "who inhabits eternity", was aware of our human problem with sin from the very beginning.

(2) From the very beginning God already had it worked out how to allow a sinful human into heaven. God wrote His "love story" early on in Genesis.

(3) Since God allowed our sinful nature, He Himself can be the only one worthy to "pay the price" for us -- allowing humans to mingle with Angels, and partake of eternity.

(4) God Himself died on that cross in Jerusalem, so that those who believe in Him and repent will have eternal life.

Let's look at God's plan spelled out from the very beginning. Hidden only for those who can "see"....

List the first ten names to appear in the Bible as genealogy. Then translate them.



Adam Man
Seth Appointed
Enosh Mortal
Kenan Sorrow
Mahalalel The Blessed God
Jared Shall come down
Enoch Teaching
Methuselah His death shall bring
Lamech The despairing
Noah Rest, or comfort

IT READS:  "Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest."

God told us that His Word would confound some. And He hinted that there is a lot to look for, yet the answers are there, when He told us: "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; It is the honor of kings to search out a matter"...

Reference: "Hidden Treasures in the Biblical Text", by Chuck Missler



Antichrist - Islam's
awaited Mahdi
guided one

antichrist is islam's awaited mahdi
see book at Amazon

A time will come when a charismatic Muslim leader will emerge along with a blaspheming "miracle" worker who will claim to be Jesus. This Muslim Mahdi will unite the Arab nations in this Antichrist system (Islam).

Islam's "holy" book, alone in all world religions, goes out of its way to tell lies about Jesus and His Gospel.

Islam not only rejects Jesus as God's Son, but Islam lies about Christ's atoning death, and about His Gospels.

Islamic imams have been lying about the Gospel of Jesus for centuries.  These wicked men have Muslims convinced of their lie that the Gospel of Jesus has been changed.

Ask an imam; "changed when, how, or by whom?" - and you'll receive a blank stare.

Christianity predates Islam by almost 500 years.  Muhammad died in 632 AD. 

Genuineness of the Gospels
"They" could not have changed the Christian Gospels after Muhammad, since there are 5,735 (Welte, 2003) manuscripts of the whole or part of the Greek text of the New Testament (Injil) pre-dating Muhammad still in existence. Worldwide, there are 24,800 copies of these original manuscripts. These include the Codex Vaticanus (325-350 AD) located in the Vatican library and the Codex Siniaticus (350 AD) located in the British Museum. There are also 80,000 quotations in the works of early Christian writers which are so extensive that the New Testament could virtually be reconstructed from them without the actual New Testament documents.

Then there is the obvious fact that the Christian Gospels were so widely distributed both before and after Muhammad, that any attempt to change (add/subtract) something in the Christian Gospels would have resulted in immediate discovery and condemnation.  Additionally, the New Testament was handed down from apostolic times and its genuineness was guarded by Christian churches, and it was zealously watched by enemies of Christianity.  A very wide protest would have resulted from both sides were it tampered with. 

Likewise, the Septuagint edition of the Old Testament was always in the hands of both Christians and Jews, both rivals in religion.  Any attempts to change this by either side would have been vigorously attacked. 

There are four more "safeguards" for the integrity of the Bible.  (1) Jesus Himself read from Isaiah scroll in a Synagogue in Nazareth and declared it as Scripture (inspired from God), Luke 4:16-21; (2) The Dead Sea scrolls, found in 1947, verified the Jewish Torah back to 100 AD to 200 BC, when they were copied.  Prior to this discovery, the oldest Torah dated to the 9th century AD.  The Dead Sea scroll of Isaiah verified almost exactly the Isaiah scroll copied in the 9th century; (3) Early Church Fathers like Ignatius, Clement of Rome, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Irenaeus, who wrote from between 90-160 AD all cited in their writings Christian Gospel accounts (Guthrie, 1990, page 24); (4) We know that the writings of Moses were preserved as far back as 621 BC.  2 Kings 22 speaks of this at the time of the Israeli King Josiah.  Ezra 7:14, Nehemiah 8:1-18, and Jeremiah 36 also speaks of the Jews maintaining Scripture. 

Some versions of the Bible from 1881 differ in a few words here and there.  However, the essential theological points remain the same and are complete.  Bibles we recommend, that have not changed are:

Protestants original Authorized King James (1611)

Catholics Catholic Douay Reims - older versions

Islam and its lies is Antichrist...



We know He lives...
Is this picture below, a real picture of Jesus?

snapshot owner: Ms Khanada Taylor

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(Psalm 2:11-12) Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.


stand with Israel

It's their Land!

"Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that it shall no more be said, The Lord liveth, that brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt; But, The Lord liveth, that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north, and from all the lands whither he had driven them: and I will bring them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers."

(Psalm 2:11-12) Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

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