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Last updated: January 2014

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The Return of the Kosher Pig
by Itzhak Shapira


The Return of the Kosher Pig (Yeshua/Jesus)

"...Why is His name called Hazir (pig)?"

"He is called pig because HaShem (God) in the future will return Him (Yeshua/Jesus) to Israel..."

Incredible research by a Messianic Jewish Rabbi (Itzhak Shapira) about Yeshua/Jesus's imminent return. His own Jewish people will fulfill the prophecy when they finally say about their own Jewish Messiah: 'Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord"

Tzahi (Itzhak) Shapira was born and raised in a traditional Sephardic Jewish home in Israel. After years of studying Rabbinic Jewish texts, he found the Messiah within the Hebrew writings. Far from a study of kosher dietary laws, The Return of the Kosher Pig is an unprecedented journey toward the true identity of the Divine Messiah - the one previously considered "unkosher" and "unacceptable" by Jewish people. This encyclopedic volume will surprise and challenge you with the compelling words of Jewish sages and rabbis over the last 2,000 years, many in English for the first time. Rabbi Shapira serves as the as the founding rabbi of Ahavat Ammi, an international Jewish organization that is focused on reconciliation between Jews and Yeshua.


The Rabbi Who Found Messiah
by Carl Gallups
The Rabbi Who Found Messiah

Recommended: The Rabbi Who Found Messiah

Two Messiah’s: Mashiach (Messiah) ben David Ben Joseph and Mashiach Ben David are one in the same - Yeshua a/k/a Jesus Christ the Christ. According to Jewish tradition, Messiah ben Joseph will appear prior to the coming of Messiah ben David; he will gather the children of Israel around him, march to Jerusalem, and there, after overcoming the hostile powers, reestablish the Temple-worship and set up his own dominion.

He was the famous rabbi who announced he would reveal the name of the Messiah. Before his death, Kaduri had said that he expected the Jewish Messiah to arrive soon, and that he had met him a year earlier.

Most venerated rabbi in Israel found Jewish Messiah (Yeshua/Jesus)

He was, without doubt, the most venerated rabbi in Israel at the age of 108.

Some 250,000 marched in his funeral procession after his death in 2007.

But when Yitzhak Kaduri’s much-anticipated letter announcing the name of the Messiah he claimed to have encountered was unsealed a year after his death, the Israeli press and world media that found him so quotable in life ignored it.

Now a brand-new book and documentary, “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah,” about his life, death and the secrets he took to the grave, tells the whole mysterious story for the first time.

And what was the name of the Messiah whom Kaduri met after years of praying and fasting? It was Yehoshua – the formal name for Yeshua, or Jesus in the Greek.



by Joel Richardson
Mideast Beast
Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

THIS IS NOT A CATHOLIC or PROTESTANT thing. It (Body & Blood of Christ) belongs to ALL Christians. It is a mystical, Spiritual, and Supernatural Gift, like Manna from Heaven. It was The Lord's request and the Lord's Gift. In this way, He is with us until the end of time - as He promised. Many denominations need to get 'on board' with this - just like the 1st generation of Christians were 'on board' with it. Study the truth about the Eucharist yourself. Make your own decision after reading this amazing book.

Early Church teachings, apostolic tradition and early church history belong to Catholics & Protestants alike.

If non-Catholics took some time to understand the Catholic Mass and the supernatural miracle contained in the Eucharist they would understand that Jesus followed through on his promise to be with us always, until the end of time. In the Eucharist He is present with us. He told us on more than one occasion, that when we partake of the bread and wine of Communion, we are partaking of His body and blood. It was a hard saying indeed for both the apostles and other followers of Jesus to grasp. But we have no record of Jesus feeling sorry for all those early Jewish followers who thought He was the Messiah - yet left Him because of that teaching.

You may disagree with the Catholic Pope Benedict and even Catholicism. But Pope Benedict is right on the mark when he said; "to the extent that you separate the words of Jesus from the faith and hope of the Jewish people, you risk 'completely misunderstanding' him." To understand Jesus one must first understand His mission. It was to the lost sheep of Israel.

The earliest Christians taught directly by the apostles - and those who followed them all the way up to the Protestant Reformation in the 1500's understood and esteemed the Mass - and especially the partaking of the Holy Eucharist & Wine - which Jesus Himself said for us to "DO IT in remembrance of Him." Scripture shows us that the Apostle Paul totally grasped this act of obedience & love for Christ.

16 The cup of blessing which we bless , is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break , is it not the communion of the body of Christ? 1 Corinthians 10:16 (KJV)

The earliest Christian Mass was then as it is today, a liturgical reenactment performed by a priest or bishop. The Center of the Mass is the obedience to Jesus and His promise that the bread of communion (Eucharist) really is His body, and the consecrated wine - really is His blood.

It all comes down to Jesus fulfilling the New Covenant which the Jewish prophets predicted. The old covenant with the Jews had to do with things such as the yearly Passover. For this feast, the body and the blood - of an innocent, unblemished lamb was needed. Most Christians don't know that in this Jewish Temple, the sacrificial lamb was first 'crucified' (hung on wood stakes) in the Jerusalem Temple before having its neck cut and then having its blood poured out only on the Jerusalem Temple alter.

The new covenant which Jesus initiated during the Passover meal at the Last Supper, which is reenacted at each and every Mass has the Savior fulfilling Jewish Scripture to the iota. He is the 'prophet' that Moses said would follow. He (Jesus/Yeshua) led His people out of the slavery of the old covenant (Old Testament Law) to the new covenant. There were 3 parts to the Jewish Passover sacrificial lamb liturgy/sacrifice that had to followed precisely. One of those parts that Protestants forget when they argue against transubstantiation is the fact that after the lamb was slaughtered, it had to be roasted and it 'had to be eaten'. Regardless, if you were a Jew, who didn't like the taste of lamb - at Passover - you had to eat its body.

Another thing I particularly liked about this book is the discussion of 'manna' that came down from heaven each morning to feed the Hebrews as they wandered 40 years in the desert (Sinai). Many Protestants and Catholics both have a tendency to write this off as something such as some milky secretion from a local plant. But God's Word promised to send those Hebrews who followed Him meat at night and bread in the morning, because of the complete lack of food available then and now in the Sinai.

Let's say there were 603,550 thousand Hebrews as Numbers 1:46 tells us - all wandering in the desert for 40 years - a very inhospitable place - a place which could not then or now sustain so many people for even a few days.

Each night the Lord provided enough quail for meat, and each morning there was enough (manna) bread from heaven - lying on the ground to sustain them.

Think about that for a moment. Both were truly miracles, without which there is no way they could have survived. When manna first appeared we see the Hebrews asking one another, "what is this?" If it were a local plant they would have known. So where today do we see in the Sinai over 600,000 liters of bread on the ground each and every morning? It suddenly stopped when Joshua and the Hebrews entered the promised land. But it was a miracle important enough that the Hebrews placed some of it, along with Aaron's staff, and the 10 Commandment stone(s) inside the Ark of the Covenant. 


53 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.

54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.

58 This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead : he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.

59 These things said he in the synagogue, as he taught in Capernaum.

John 6:53 - 6:54 & 6:58 - 6:59 (KJV)

I've always taught that it is of paramount importance that Christians understand what the 1st generation of Christians were taught by the Apostles, who were directly taught by Jesus to build His church. You may disagree with the Catholic Pope Benedict. But he is right on the mark when he said; "to the extent that you separate the words of Jesus from the faith and hope of the Jewish people, you risk 'completely misunderstanding' him." To understand Jesus one must first understand His mission. It was to the lost sheep of Israel. Everything He said and did was in the context that of what 1st century Jews would believe, and what they had been taught - and what they expected of the Messiah. He hit every expectation right on the mark. But they misunderstood it all. He was the 'manna from heaven' they were waiting for, who would lead them to a new promised land and a new covenant.

/s/ Steve @



PROPHECIES for the era of Muslim Terrorism - A Torah perspective on world events
by Rabbi Menachem Kohen


Prophecies for the era of Muslim Terror See where & how Torah prophesied:

- The attack on the Twin Towers (date & number of buildings)
- The unrelenting efforts to dismantle Jewish Israel
- The invasions of Afghanistan & Iraq by Coalition forces
- Saddam Hussein's fall from power and its year
- Operation Desert Storm (the code-name & combatants)

Dozens of actualized prophecies are discussed in this unusual book. In a comprehensive manner, this book treats the real issues behind: the long-standing Arab-Israeli quagmire & the increasing number of Muslim terror wars worldwide. Many authors have analyzed the volatile situation in the Middle East, but Rabbi Menachem Kohen's book is unique because startling documentation is presented from sources that are usually overlooked from Torah, as well as from participants and eyewitnesses.


(under review)

The Battle for One Elect
by Dr. Simon Hezekiah Kohein

at Amazon: here

the battle for one elect The creature Satan has declared War on Almighty God. We are the prize. The evil one honors no convention; he wants you in Hell. Dr. Kohein intimately demonstrates how God allows, even ordains, the enemy's severe assaults as those most precious are ripped away through death, birth, betrayal, spiritual wickedness, demon inspired false teachings.... Dr. Kohein is humbled into knowing that he is unable to recover from these wrongs. How should he respond?

Herein is hope. These are words to remember – you'll be moved throughout the entire letter. This story will haunt you. Stay awake. The Holy One is even now gathering us to himself.

Loved ones ... Jesus is the only Light. He is the Truth, the guardian of our souls, and the way home. We are like sparkling flowers, a short time here, as if in a flame, and we'll all be home in time for dinner. —Simon

212 Pages



Shocked By The Bible
The Most Astonishing Facts You've Never Been Told,
by Joe Kovacs


shocked by the bible "I you think you really know the Bible, better think again. Joe Kovacs takes a close look at the greatest story ever told and separates myth from reality." Bill O'Reilly -anchor, Fox News Channel

See example pages about: Who really is Jesus?
Shocked by the Bible sets the record straight with well-researched, controversial, myth-breaking assertions about what the Bible really does-and doesn't-say.

Myths and misconceptions about the Bible's content abound, and churchgoing Christians are often as confused as everyone else. Fed up with this lack of public knowledge, author Joe Kovacs has compiled some of the most crucial information for correcting people's faulty education on what the Bible really says. If readers have ever wondered about God, the Bible, or the meaning of life, and are just not satisfied with the answers they've received-or if they want to learn what the Bible really says on troubling questions-Shocked by the Bible is an essential resource for helping both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Kovacs says, "If people actually knew what is in their Bible-the nonstop sex and violence, the hilarious comedy, and the astounding facts their pastors never told them-they'd rush to crack it open and get the surprise of their lives."



Temple At The Center Of Time: Newton's Bible Codex Finally Deciphered and the Year 2012
by David Flynn (Author)

order at Amazon: here

Temple at the Center of Time Was the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem more than a place of worship?

Was it, indeed, a roadmap to future events – a kind of prophetic landmark whose significance is only now revealed through the development of satellite imagery?

That is the contention of an explosive new book, "Temple at the Center of Time: Newton's Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012," by David Flynn.

The book asserts it has "deciphered Isaac Newton’s greatest paradox: None other than 'the unified field theory' of Bible prophecy."

Sir Isaac Newton was not only a great thinker in physics, the book explains, but had extensive knowledge of the Scriptures with a special interest in prophecy. Newton believed there was a hidden code, a type of time-encrypted language. He believed the key to deciphering this code was the Temple of Solomon. He wrote extensively on the length measurements of the Temple and suggested it intersected time and dimension, serving as a prophetic and supernatural structure.

According to Flynn, although Newton never cracked this code, he was on the right track and was limited only by the lack of sophisticated satellite technology.

"The description of Jerusalem as a terrestrial center point, situated in the center of the world, is found in Philo's Legatio and Gaium," Flynn notes. "The world is like a human eyeball. The white of the eye is the ocean surrounding the world, the iris is this continent, the pupil is Jerusalem, and the image in the pupil is the Holy Temple."

To make his case, David starts by illustrating what the reader soon learns is the first of numerous extraordinary time-distance anomalies.

The prisca sapentia framework of Newton suggests that the distance between the temple of Jerusalem and the capital city of any nation historically effecting the chronicles of Jerusalem would be supernaturally connected. This relationship would be significant with respect to units of time, expressing meaning in line with God's divine plan as recorded in the word of his prophets.

Babylon fell to the Medes and Persians on the 16th day of Tishri of the Jewish calendar, which correlates to Oct. 12, 539 B.C. Curiously, the number 539 is also the distance in statute miles between the temple of Jerusalem's foundation stone to the palace of Balthazar, as confirmed by modern satellite measurement.

Does this give insight to the handwriting on the wall or the dating and measuring of Babylon's affairs in the history of Israel? Does this imply that Babylon's influence over Israel was supernaturally predated and measured, or foreknown? Or was this just a fascinating coincidence? As the first of such discoveries made by Flynn, he wondered the same thing.

The Romans established Londinium in about A.D. 47. It was a civilian settlement built where the Thames became narrow enough for a bridge to be built across it but was still deep enough to admit large ocean vessels. In the 16th century, William Camden believed that the "London Stone" was a Roman milestone from which all distances were measured in the province. In the 17th century, Christopher Wren was able to observe the foundations of the London Stone underneath Cannon Street during the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire. With this information, it is possible to extend a measuring line from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the exact center of ancient London, and by fixing a point on the site of the temple mount, a measuring line extended over Jerusalem to the center of London produces 1,948.40 nautical miles.

Therefore, incredibly, recorded in the earth between the Temple Mount of Jerusalem and the historic center of London is what Flynn sees as the fulfillment of Newton's own prediction: Israel became a nation again May 14th, 1948, corresponding perfectly to a distance between the temple and London of 1948 nautical miles.




Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out (Hardcover)
by Susan Crimp (Editor), Joel Richardson (Editor)

Why We Left Islam - former Muslims Speak Out Daniel Pipes, Founder and Director, Middle East Forum
"The right of Muslims freely to leave Islam is emerging as an international human rights issue of the first order. Why We left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out both documents and humanizes the tragedy of those born-Muslims who wish to pursue their conscience. The stories are vivid and the political implications profound."

It is filled with first-person stories of former radicals who began to question the Quran and ultimately changed their lives.

Khaled Waleed, for instance, said he was indoctrinated with the same type of teaching as fellow Saudi Arabian Osama bin Laden.

"Our teacher and other Islamic scholars told us that as Muslims, we are the best people in the world," he writes. "I listened to my imams and was disturbed when they used abusive language to describe non-Muslims as the grandsons of monkeys and pigs ... [they] told me that it was my duty to revile and ridicule non-Muslims."

Waleed says the attack on the World Trade Center changed him: "On Sept. 11, 2001, I saw the real face of Islam. I saw the happiness on the faces of our people because so many infidels were slaughtered so easily. I saw many people who started thanking Allah for this massacre."

Another former Muslim wrote in "Why I Left Islam": "The Quran is full of verses that teach killing of unbelievers and how Allah would torture them after they die. There are no lessons on morality, justice, honesty, or love. The only message of the Quran is to believe in Allah and his messenger."

Still another added: "I don’t exactly remember what wrote doubt in my mind. Maybe it is Lord Buddha and his teachings or a glance at Jesus and his sufferings…then quite shockingly I realized my beloved prophet is a misfit."

Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch and NY Times bestselling author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)" and "The Truth About Muhammad."

"Powerfully written and deeply compelling, these accounts of people of conscience who left Islam are rendered all the more poignant by the realization that each one of them, no matter their status or situation, lives under the death sentence mandated by the Prophet Muhammad for apostates from Islam. Why We Left Islam should be required reading for human rights activists and all those who value the dignity of the human person, so that they will see why this horrific denial of the freedom of conscience within Islam must be resisted by all people of goodwill."



The Devil Called Collect: The Exorcism of Jessica Leek
By J. Stephen Conn

The Devil Called Collect At two o'clock in the morning on Tuesday, March 11, 1980, Pastor J. Stephen Conn received a long distance, collect telephone call from a young woman desperately pleading for help. Afraid, alone, and deeply involved in witchcraft, all Jessica Leek knew about the man she was calling was that his number had been given to her by a stranger while she was hitch-hiking. As Jessica spoke, numerous demonic voices unexpectedly came from her lips-blaspheming, threatening, and identifying themselves by name.

The unsuspecting pastor had little practical knowledge of demons and no experience in casting them out. Yet, overwhelmed by compassion, he seized this as an opportunity to help a tormented young woman find deliverance and, at the same time, put the reality of God's power to the test.

The story of Jessica's liberation from multiple evil spirits is unlike any other account of an exorcism ever written. The accounts of the hellish manifestations of malevolent spirits through their tortured victim are chilling. Yet, the spiritual warfare ends in victory and leaves the reader with a triumphant affirmation of faith and hope.

About the Author
J. Stephen Conn, a Protestant minister for more than 45 years, has been ordained by three major denominations: Church of God, Assemblies of God, and Southern Baptist. He is an award-winning author of six books, has written more than 300 magazine articles, and was a syndicated newspaper columnist. Website:

This is one of those rare gems of literature that actually increase your faith in our awesome Lord Jesus Christ. I'd put it in the same class as truly credible and well documented testimonies to the power of even just the Lord's holy name as was the case of the 1928 Iowa Exorcism. For an awful long time now, only exorcisms by Catholic priests (like the Iowa Exorcism, "Hostage to the Devil" by now deceased Malachi Martin, and "An Exorcist Tells His Story" by Father Gabriele Amorth) were reported. Now, finally, the ministers from the rest of the Lord's Church are telling about their struggles with the demonic. Pastor J. Stephen Conn's well documented and well written encounter is guaranteed to leave you with a stronger faith and a lasting belief in the supernatural (God) and preternatural (demons and fallen angels). I could not put this excellent book down. /s/ Steve Keohane,



What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an
By William J. Federer


What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an You will be fascinated by this fast-paced, objective history of the world from a perspective you have never imagined. Current events will come into focus in the back drop of 1,400 years of inconceivable yet true events and conflicts. Thousands of books, documents and articles have been researched over several years in preparation for this book.

In 2006, Keith Ellison became the first Muslim elected to the United States Congress. He swore in on a Qur'an. Most Americans know little about the Qur'an, who wrote it and how it spread. Mohammed, who had 15 wives, fought in scores of raids and battles, even cutting off the heads of 700 Jews. Within one hundred years of his death, his followers conquered North Africa, the Holy Land, Persia, Spain - from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Read how Sultan Mehmet II conquered the 1000 year old Byzantine capital of Constantinople - How Jefferson sent Marines to capture the Muslim Barbary pirate port of Tripoli - Woodrow Wilson tried to save millions of Armenian Christians killed in Turkey. You will not be the same after you have learned what every American needs to know about the Qur'an.

Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison's effort to borrow credibility by swearing into Congress on the pagan Muslim Qur'an  borrowed from Thomas Jefferson's library is disingenuous, given that Jefferson owned the Qur'an to understand his Muslim enemies, the Barbary Pirates of Tripoli.



What the Rabbis Know About the Messiah
by Rachmiel Frydland

What the Rabbis Know About the Messiah What the Rabbis Know About the Messiah presents a revised third edition, building upon the theme of a study in genealogy and prophecy. It cites biblical, rabbinic and medieval Jewish sources to weave a pattern that leads to Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. It is a friendly read, and is an excellent source of messianic apologetics.

Speaking about the One from Kingly roots who fulfilled the role of suffering servant, this book speaks to the lay person and the initiated alike. A study of genealogy and prophecy from the 'seed of the woman' to the Messiah and proof texts along the way, What the Rabbis Know about the Messiah is ideal for group Bible studies and for introducing Messiah to Jewish friends. By Rachmiel Frydland.

Rachmiel Frydland was a Talmudic scholar who was versed in no fewer than ten languages, and who studied in the Yeshivot in Poland. He was a Holocaust survivor who recognized Jesus as the Messiah and went on to teach, and write and present the claims of Jesus from a Jewish perspective.

Baruch Ha Shem Ha Meshiach Yeshua!
Shema Yisrael. Adonai Eloheynu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch shem kevod malchuto le-olam vaed.
Yeshua Ha Meshiach. Hu Adonai.

[Proverbs 30:3-6
Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? who hath gathered the wind in his fists? who hath bound the waters in a garment? who hath established all the ends of the earth? what is his name, and what is his son's name, if thou canst tell? Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.



The Deadly Deception:
 Freemasonry Exposed by One of Its Top Leaders
by Jim Shaw & Tom McKenney


The Deadly Deception

Freemasonry Exposed by one of its top leaders.

How can Christians remain tethered to this blasphemous religion of Masonry?  On page 84 Jim Shaw writes; " Albert Mackey wrote (in the Masonic Ritualist), "Thus the trestleboard (blueprint for life) of the Jew is the Old Testament, of the Mohammedan the Koran; the Veda Scriptures of Hinduism and the writings of Baha-ullah are just as good as the Word of the Christians' God, for the fact is that all religions are never as good as the pure teachings of Freemasonry."

Masonry teaches that Jesus is no greater than the other "exemplars" of history (such as Mohammed, Buddah, Aristotle, or Joseph Smith). Page 94

33-degree Jim Shaw walked away from Freemasonry one day, after participating in a a Mason Maudy Thursday "black communion" ceremony in his Scottish Rites Temple in Florida.  Participants of this ceremony are required to refer to Jesus as an "apostle of mankind who was neither inspired or divine". They then proceed to mock Jesus further by enacting a strange "black communion" ceremony. Pages 105-107

During this ceremony, Masons continue by mocking Jesus' teachings at His Last Supper and the bread and wine (Body and Blood) - by saying:

"Take, eat, and give to the hungry."  "Take, drink, and give to the thirsty."

One of the Conductors then handed the "candidate" a human skull, upside down, with wine in it. "May this wine I now drink become a deadly poison to me, as the Hemlock juice drunk by Socrates, should I ever knowingly or willfully violate the same" (the oath).

As I had done so many times before, I said, "We meet this day to commemorate the death of our 'Most Wise and Perfect Master,' not as inspired or divine, for this is not for us to decide, but as at least the greatest of the apostles of mankind."
As I spoke these words that I had spoken so many times before, I had a strange and powerful experience. It was as if I were standing apart, listening to myself as I spoke, and the words echoed deep within me, shouting their significance. They were the same words I had spoken so many times before, but had meaning for me now. They made me sick, literally ill, and I stopped.

The realization of what I had just said grew within me like the rising of a crescendo. I had just called Jesus an "apostle of mankind" who was neither inspired nor divine! There was a silent pause that seemed to last a very long time as I struggled with a sick smothering within.

Later, when he came down the wide steps of a large Scottish Rite Temple, 33 degree Mason Jim Shaw turned and looked at the words carved in stone above the entrance: "Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry", Jim remembered thinking: "It isn't ancient (goes back to 17th century), it isn't  Scottish (Scottish rite was begun in France), it isn't free (no females, blacks or poor), and it isn't right (no mention of Jesus allowed)!  This 33 degree Mason, never went back.

Jim found that the bowing to some "Great Architect of the Universe" and calling all Religions equal is pure blasphemy. 

He thought of the great Masonic lie that all religions are equal, including Islam and Satanism.  If all these religions within Masonry are "correct" or of equal "validity", and each claims to be the valid and correct one.  It therefore becomes obvious that they cannot all be "right" or of equal validity.  Satanists mock and blaspheme God on a daily basis; and Muslims deny Jesus ever even died on a cross.

Islam, for instance rejects that Jesus died a korben (sacrificial atonement) death for us.  Islam gives its greatest regard to a man who did no miracles to prove divinity and in no way measured up to the sinless and loving Jesus.  Muhammad also made no real prophecies, had everyone killed who disagreed with him, and was fond of splitting up booty from military raids against innocent people.  See more in: "Muhammad, Terrorist or Prophet?"

These are the Scriptures that Jim, could not reconcile with Masonry:

Jesus said: "I am the bread of life; he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst...him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out...and this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day." John 6:47-54

In a well-ordered lodge, Jesus is never mentioned except in vague, philosophical terms.  Prayers are never in His name, and when scriptures are quoted in the ritual, all references to Him are simply omitted.  For example, II Thessalonians 3:6 is used in the ritual, but not the way it is in your Bible; the words "in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ" are entirely omitted.  Likewise, the ritual includes 1 Peter 2:5, but with the words "by Jesus Christ" omitted.  Albert Mackey, after Albert Pike the highest Masonic authority, calls this changing of the scriptures "a slight but necessary modifucation" (Masonic Ritualist, page 272)



ISLAM in the End Times
by Ellis Skolfield 4 (plus) Stars

We at BibleProbe cannot say enough about this book by Ellis Skolfield.  We could not put this book down.  It makes the times we are in amazingly clear in light of Bible revelations.

Is the Dome of the Rock what Daniel's 1290 day prophecy was about -vis-à-vis the "abomination of desolation"?

The "abomination of desolation" already happened exactly on schedule (Daniel's 1290 day prophecy).  When the pagan Islamic Dome of the Rock and the al-Aksa Mosque were built on the temple mount, it made the temple mount "desolated" or contaminated.  This was built during the 685 to 705 AD period.  During Daniel's day, we know that Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the First Temple in 586 BC.  We also know from Jeremiah that sacrifices occurred on the temple mount for some years after it was destroyed.  Formula for changing 1290 old testament 360 day years into our 365.24 day solar years is: 1290 x .9857.  Amazingly enough the 2nd figure (1335) the prophet Daniel gave serves much like a double check (CheckSum).  Subtract this figure from 1948 when Israel was reborn and you get another significant year for the Jews and all of western civilization.  That's exactly the year 632 AD, when Muhammad of Islam (the False Prophet) died.

It fits exactly.  But, what do we make of Matthew 24:14-16?

I note that It is believed that the apostle Thomas evangelized as far as China, and while in India, he suffered martyrdom; being killed with a lance.  He was buried in Mylapore, India, which is now a suburb of Madras.  Nestorian Christians arrived in China in the 600's AD. There is a stele (Hsi-an Monument) still in China erected in 781 AD  "Stele [Recording] the Spread of the Religion of Light [Christianity] from Rome to China.

See Ellis Skolfield's very good answer.  Follow this message board thread: here

Amazon editor description:
Since the beginning of modern history, experts have been trying to predict when the end of the world will come. They have created terms such as the antiChrist, the 666 Mark of the Beast, End Times, and Rapture common in society, but they may have overlooked the most important ancient prophecy that ties Islam, todays current events, and the worlds response to the exact timing of the end times. In his shocking and revealing book, Islam in the End Times, Islamic relations expert and scholar Ellis Skolfield unlocks the key to understanding all the end time prophecies and Islams role in bringing them about. Ellis expertly maps ancient prophecies with current events to demonstrate that the current Islamic aggression against the world in general and Israel specifically relates to the exact year of the beginning of the end. Skolfield reveals the most shocking prophecy of all, the key to understanding all other end time prophesies. It is a mathematical number that provides the exact year of what is called the Abomination of Desolation -- a cataclysmic event in the timeline of human history. In Islam in the End Times, Skolfield statistically documents where the world is in relationship to the end times, and what Islams role is now and in the future. Skolfield uses mathematics and ancient prophecies to demonstrate how Islam is involved in the prophecy called the Abomination of Desolation, the key to unlocking end time prophecies.



The Quran Unveiled
Islam And New Testament Christianity
by Dave Miller, P.H.D. 4 (plus) Stars

We at BibleProbe cannot say enough about this book by Dave Miller.  If we gave 5-stars this book is one of the few that would get one.  An amazingly thorough research job.

If only Muslims would read this book.  They would have no doubts of the "smoke and mirrors" that Islam truly is.  Islam is diabolical in that it portrays itself as a Religion of the "Book".  Yet it leads sweet Muslim souls away from the "Book"; God's Word already revealed in the Jewish Torah and Christian Gospels (500 yrs before Muhammad).

The Qur'an actually makes Muslims believe they are reading something divine.  When all it is - is mostly unintelligible lies, murmurings and threats from an intolerant, belligerent, non-divine, non-prophet of a man. 1 in every 55 versus in the Qur'an incites Muslims to make war on unbelievers.  This book literally drips with evil.  The word "love" is conspicuously missing from the Qur'an entirely.

It's like Dave Miller says in his book.  Many religious conmen in history have offered the same dodge (as Muhammad did in Surah 6:110).  The ability to confirm one's oral proclamation with supernatural acts is what sets the genuine apart from the counterfeit (page 216).

Well. What about John the Baptist you say? Follow this thread: here

Jesus on the other hand makes it quite clear that miracles are necessary to prove what one speaks is of divine origin.  Jesus said; "If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father." (John 15:24)



The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers
by Harry Bernstein 4 Stars

Review from The writer, Harry Bernstein is 95. This memoir is his first book. And it is a groundbreaking story of family secrets and forbidden love told in plain, beautiful prose through the eyes of a young Jewish boy, Harry, growing up in an English working-class neighborhood near Manchester on the eve of World War I. On one side of the street are the Jews; on the other side are the Christians. There is no violent hostility like the pogroms that drove Harry's parents from Eastern Europe, but an invisible wall keeps the two sides totally separate. "The one thing the two sides have in common is poverty." And prejudice. Then Harry's gifted older sister, Lily, falls in love with brilliant Arthur from the other side. They meet in secret, trusting Harry not to tell. When they are found out, the distraught family tries to send Lily to America: "A child who marries a non-Jew is dead." Far from rambling oral history, the chapters are tense with danger and with tenderness, especially Harry's family life: his brutal, distant father ("I never talked to him, nor he to me"); his loving mother; and Lily, who wins a scholarship and the chance to become a teacher until her father drags her to the tailor shop by her hair. Meanwhile, in the larger world, the question lingers, Will the war in Europe really end all wars? A great book for discussion groups--and not just for Jews. Hazel Rochman



The Unpromised Land: The Struggle of Messianic Jews in Israel

by Gary & Shirley Beresford

The Unpromised Land

There has always been a remnant of Jews who "kept the commandments of G-d and kept faith in Mashiach, Yeshua (Jesus)."

They are born Jewish, keep the Jewish traditions and holy days, read the Jewish scriptures (including the ones written by first century Jews), and believe in a Jewish Messiah who was prophesied about in Jewish scriptures. So what's the problem?

The problem is that Israel rejects Jews born of Jewish parents, simply because they (Messianic Jews) believe Jesus is the Messiah.  These Christ believers are not allowed to become citizens of Israel.  Yet, ironically, pagan Muslims can.

How long will Christian countries go on giving aid to Israel, while Israel routinely rejects Christian believers (even those of Jewish descent) from becoming citizens of Israel?

Gary and Shirley Beresford never wanted to be heroes. A middle-aged Messianic Jewish couple from South Africa, they felt God calling them to live in Israel, the Promised Land. Wanting nothing more than to live quietly and grow old together in the country of refuge for all Jewish people, little did they suspect what events would follow to try their faith.

The fight to make aliyah, to claim their rightful inheritance in the Promised Land, became a battle waged not only for themselves, but for Messianic Jews all over the world who wish to return to the Jewish homeland. Here is the true saga of the Beresford's journey to the land of their forefathers.

Includes both a Foreword and a 25-page Appendix on the decades-old struggle for Messianic Jewish aliyah by Dr. David Stern, translator and the Jewish New Testament and Complete Jewish Bible, and author of the Jewish New Testament Commentary. 208 pages. ISBN:1-880226-56-1


All the Messianic Prophecies of the Bible

by Herbert Lockyer

messianic prophecies

This compendium of all the prophecies in Scripture concerns the promised Messiah. Dr. Lockyer's discussion is divided into two sections, "Specific Messianic Prophecies" and "Symbolic Messianic Prophecies."

A Fascinating Look at How Biblical Prophecies Paved the Way for Jesus Christ

In this remarkable volume, Dr. Herbert Lockyer examines all the prophecies in Scripture concerning the promised Messiah, his ministry, and his message. From the mundane to the mystifying, you’ll get a close look at how different prophecies portrayed with stunning accuracy the coming Christ: his ancestry, his birth, his character, his death and resurrection, and more. Divided in two sections, All the Messianic Prophecies of the Bible helps you understand not only "Specific Messianic Prophecies," but also "Symbolic Messianic Prophecies."


Stop the Presses

by Joseph Farah

Supports Democratic Party, bans 'democracy' searches in China


Google's 'evil' agenda exposed in new book

I have first hand knowledge of what WND is speaking about vis-à-vis Google, below. Way back when this Homosexual Marriage thing began, I tried to pay just like normal to place Ads in the Google search engine showing what God thinks about Homosexuality. Every ad that had any mention of gay, homosexual or lesbian was not accepted (returned Refused) by Google. At the same time, any ad a homosexual wanted to place --which spoke favorably of homosexuality -was accepted by Googles' live editors. This ban includes simple Scripture calling homosexuality an abomination to God. This blackout still is going on.

Additionally, my paid ads about the evils of Abortion are also not accepted by Google. Similar "blackouts" are placed by Google on anything bad said about Islam, Freemasonry or the Democrats. This has been so, for several years now. /s/ Steve @

According to a new book, that's exactly what Google, the world's largest Internet search engine is – "evil."

In "Stop The Presses," the latest book by WND founder Joseph Farah, the author makes what is, to date, the most definitive moral case against Google, with the following indictments:

  • The company refuses to give the U.S. government records of impersonal data regarding searches that threaten no one, but happily provides information about potential dissidents to the tyrannical, repressive dictators in Beijing.


  • The company disregards commemorations of national American holidays such as Memorial Day, but never forgets to remind users about Halloween and Earth Day.


  • The company has refused to link to some news sources critical of radical Islam, but hosts blogs containing homosexual pornography.


  • The company hosts blogs promoting "boy love" and sexual relationships between men and adolescents, but refuses to run ads from a Christian ministry to homosexuals.


  • The company's top executive presides over a business that makes it easy to find out nearly anything about anyone, but protests when people use his service to find out about him.


  • The company has blocked ads attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton, but welcomes ads attacking President Bush and other Republican leaders.


  • The company, apparently in its bid to romance Beijing, wiped Taiwan, an independent and free island nation, off the face of its Internet maps.


  • The company, one of the great free enterprise success stories of the decade, gives nearly all of its political donations to those who seek to rein in and regulate capitalism.

"These are a few of the reasons I hate Google," writes Farah. "I admit it. I despise it. I resent it. I think it is immoral. I think it is evil.



"Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness"

by Chuck D. Pierce & Rebecca Wagner Sytsema
Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness This is a small 106-page book I highly recommend you get.

There is an awful lot of things most Christians need to learn about demons. They can be present in a home due to things like graven images, which can be Hindu items, Buddhist items, Muslim, voodoo, American Indian, occult, witchcraft, freemasonry, pornography, etc. Masonry items are occult. Freemasonry can also be a generational curse. Items, including ceramic statues that have been used in pagan ceremonies can also carry evil with them. Some clothes can also. These can invite demons into your home. You invite them in along with these items. If you have any - get rid of them. They can also inhabit a property due to some bad things that happened in the past on the land or in the house. There are generational curses that the Bible warns us about. These can be passed down to you from your relatives. These can occur if someone in your family was a Freemason, cheated anyone out of their land, or bowed down to a graven image like a statue of Buddha, etc. Read: "Breaking generational curses" here:

Learn how to rid your home of destructive objects and spiritual darkness to create a fortress of love and light for your family. Too many Christians are completely unaware of how the enemy has gained access to their homes through what they own. This practical, easy-to-read book shows you how to pray through your home and property in order to lock out evil and experience a richer spiritual life.

With Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness, you're just 10 steps away from bringing freedom and security in Christ to your home!



Christianity and Islam: The Final Clash

by Robert Livingston


Now the Antichrist system has a face - Islam. And suddenly it makes so much sense!

Former missionary to Muslims, Robert Livingston uncovers a credible connection between Islam, America, and the Church in End-times Bible prophecy. He challenges the reader to examine their priorities in view of the reality of Christ's return. 368 pages

Among the many strengths of this book is that it is not merely a dry study of End Time events, but is instead a vibrant call to respond with a life of holiness, sacrifice and urgency after the example of the Apostles and the first century Christians. This book will mess you up - in a good way!



Jewish New Testament

by David H. Stern (Translator)


The Jewish New Testament


Why is this New Testament different from all other New Testaments? Because the Jewish New Testament expresses its original and essential Jewishness.

The New Testament is a Jewish book--by Jews, mostly about Jews, and for Jews as well as Gentiles. Its central figure, the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), was and is a Jew. Vicarious atonement, salvation, immersion (baptism), the new covenant and the very concept of a Messiah are all Jewish. In sum, the New Testament is built upon and completes the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Jewish New Testament brings out Jewishness in three ways:

- Cosmetically--by using neutral terms and Hebrew names: "execution-stake," not "cross"; "Ya'akov," not "James."

- Culturally and Religiously--by highlighting Jewish features: "Chanukkah," not "the feast of dedication"; "tzitzit," not "fringe."

- Theologically--by correcting mistranslations resulting from anti-Jewish theological bias; for example, at Romans 10:4 the Messiah is "the goal at which the Torah aims," not "the end of the law."

Freshly rendered from the original Greek into enjoyable modern English by a Messianic Jew (a Jew who honors Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel), the "Jewish New Testament" challenges Jews to understand that Yeshua is a friend to every Jewish heart and the New Testament a Jewish book filled with truths to be accepted and acted upon. At the same time, while reaffirming the equality of Gentiles and Jews in the Messianic Community, it challenges Christians to acknowledge the Jewishness of their faith and their oneness with the Jewish people.



He Came to Set the Captives Free

 by Rebecca Brown, MD

He came to set the captives free For seventeen years, Elaine served her master, Satan, with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. Elaine (not her real name), one of the top witches in the U.S. clashed with Dr. Brown, who stood against her alone. In the titanic life-and-death struggle that followed, Dr. Brown nearly lost her life. Elaine, finding a power and love greater than anything Satan could give her, left Satan and totally committed her life to Jesus Christ.

This is an honest, in-depth account of Satan's activities today. You'll see how to

- Recognize and combat the many satanists who regularly infiltrate and destroy Christian churches.

- Recognize and combat satanic attacks

- Recognize those serving Satan, and bring them to Jesus Christ

This cult, "The Brotherhood" is extremely secretive. These satanists infest every level of society - the poor and the rich. The very well educated, the police force, government officials, business men and women, and even some so-called Christian ministers. Most of all of them attend local Christian churches and are considered "good citizens" because of their involvement in local civil activities. This is all done as a cover-up. They lead double lives and are expert at it; masters of deception.  They are rigidly disciplined by Satan and his demons. They practice human sacrifice several times a year and animal sacrifice on a monthly basis. The human sacrifices are most often babies--born our of wedlock to various cult members, cared for by the doctors and nurses within the cult so that the mother is never seen in a hospital.

Ex-high priestess of The Brotherhood, a satanist cult writes:

It was during that last visit to California that one of the incidents happened that started me on the road to accepting Christ, started me questioning Satan's claim to being more powerful than God. The high priest gathered a number of us together and told us that there was a family nearby who had been interfering with Satan. They had been converting a number of the cult members to the enemy, Jesus Christ, and were making a nuisance of themselves. Satan had given the order for them all to be killed. The high priest told us that we were all to go together in our spirit bodies (astral project), and kill them.

Much to our surprise, as we arrived at the edge of this family's property, we could go no further. The whole area was surrounded by huge angels. The angels stood side by side holding hands. They were dressed in long white robes and stood so close together that their shoulders touched. They had no armor or weapons. Nobody could get through them, no matter how we tried.

Read more about this book: here



The Kingdom of the Cults

by Walter Martin, Ravi Zacharias (Editor) hardcover, 704 pages


The Kingdom of the Cults The authoritative reference work on major cult systems for nearly forty years. Working closely together, Ravi Zacharias and Managing Editors Jill and Kevin Rische (daughter of Dr. Martin) have updated and augmented the work with new material. This book will continue as a crucial tool in countercult ministry and in evangelism for years to come. Among cults and religions included are: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Mormonism, New Age Cults, the Unification Church, Baha’i Faith, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, New Age, Spiritism, to Seventh-day Adventism, Unitarianism, and much more.

Martin provides a meaty analysis of all the major groups. He also outlines primary lines of thought within Protestant perspectives, and Roman Catholicism.

Beyond specific groups, there is plenty of coverage of the general critical analysis on topics like mind control, apocalyptic cults, the impact of cults on the mission field, Eastern religions, and language and psychological issues.



Interview With an Exorcist: An Insider's Look at the Devil, Demonic Possession, and the Path to Deliverance

Father José Antonio Fortea


"The abditi (Latin for "hidden" or "secret") demons are those that hide in the interior of the possessed person without showing themselves in any way," writes Father Fortea, who successfully defended a thesis on exorcism for a licentiate degree in theology in 1998. The foreword for his book was written by Bishop Samuel J. Aquila of Fargo, North Dakota, who strongly endorsed it.

According to the exorcist, it's a complex scene out there. All demons are not the same.

"This can be clearly seen during an exorcism, when the particular demons possessing the person display sins of anger, self-worship, desperation, and so forth," writes Father Fortea. "Each demon has its own psychology and its own way of being. Some are talkative, others are mocking, some are proud, others are hateful. Even though they all turned away from God, some demons are more evil than others."

Read more about this interview with Father Fortea, here



The Pilgrim's Progress

By John Bunyan

It ranks 2nd only to Bible
in all time greatest book sales

He was arguably one of the most influential writers in world history.

There is no argument he's the best-selling human author of all time.  First published in 1684, The Pilgrim's Progress is an important Christian study.

His name was John Bunyan. He was a 17th century thinker – a mender of pots and pans – and wrote his greatest works while imprisoned for his Christian beliefs.

His "Pilgrim's Progress" is second only to the Bible in the number of copies it has sold worldwide. It has even been called "the second best book in all the world."

John Bunyan confronts the world head on in his allegory The Pilgrim's Progress. Using the journey, conversations, actions, and interactions of his main character, Christian, Bunyan draws contrasts between true Christianity and the vast array of opposing philosophies and opinions offered by the rest of the world. Each contrast demonstrates the superiority of Christianity to the perspectives and beliefs of the fallen world.  It has at its heart the impossibility of eternal Life if one bypasses the "Cross".



The Harsh Truth About Public Schools

By Bruce N. Shortt


The Harsh Truth About Public Schools Shortt especially wants to educate Christian parents, millions of whom send their kids off to public school every day.

"The Harsh Truth about Public Schools," combines a sound biblical basis, rigorous research, straightforward, easily read language, and eminently sound reasoning. Whether one is a parent or parent-to-be, pastor, church staff member, or educator, this book has much to offer.

It is based, first of all, upon a clear understanding of God's educational mandate to parents. Its second foundation is a thoroughly documented description of the inescapably anti-Christian thrust of any governmental school system and the inevitable results: moral relativism (no fixed standards), academic dumbing down, far-left programs, near absence of discipline, and the persistent but pitiable rationalizations offered by government education professionals.

"Contrary to what many Christians have been led to believe, there is no such thing as a 'neutral' education," Shortt writes. "All education is religious and conveys a worldview, and there is no more important decision that we make as parents than how we educate our children."

Continues Shortt: "Unfortunately, Christian parents allow an aggressively anti-Christian institution to form the minds of their children, and the fruit of that choice is bitter. The overwhelming majority of children from evangelical families leave the church within two years after they graduate from high school; only 9 percent of evangelical teens believe that there is any such thing as absolute moral truth; and, our children are being forcibly indoctrinated to believe that homosexual behavior is acceptable."



Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power

by David Aikman, PhD

read in Chinese here

Jesus in Beijing This book details the great unreported story of the Chinese giant and its enormously rapid conversion to Christianity and what this change means to the global balance of power.  It begins with a detailed background of both Protestant and Catholic missionaries to China, back to the 600's A.D. when the first Christian Nestorians from what they called the "Eastern Church", visited and established themselves in China.

Officially, there are now "officially" about 21 million Christians (Protestant and Catholic) in China.  However, this figure widely loses confidence, as it doesn't take into account the vast network of "house churches" all across China.  This means it is possible that there is now close to 80 million Christians in China, and growing rapidly.  Chinese Christians believe that they will play a major role in the circumnavigation of the teachings of Jesus back to the Middle East.  Along the way, an unbelievable (a few years ago) byproduct, just may be the world being witness to Chinese missionaries busting through the "Islamic Wall of Lies" surrounding Islamic countries.

In 2002, the Communist Party Leader and President Jiang Zeming, was asked at a banquet; "Comrade Jeming.  If before leaving office, you could make one decree that you knew would be obeyed in China, what would that be?"  Jiang put on a broad smile, looked around the room, and said; "I would make Christianity the official religion of China."

Read about pastor Li Tianen's, amazing true Near Death Experience here



Back to Jerusalem
Three Chinese House Church Leaders Share Their Vision to Complete the Great Commission

by Brother Yun, Peter Xu Yongze, and Enoch Wang; told in English by Paul Hattaway

back to jerusalem God's fire has been kindled in China.  It is now beginning to blaze up there.  Soon, Christianity will be taken by Chinese Christian missionaries to the nearby strongholds of paganism, to confront the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim nations with the Gospel of Jesus.  Chinese Christian leaders have longed believed that God saved China for now, to begin His "end run" spread of the Gospel of Jesus, from China - all the way back to Jerusalem, where it all began.  When the Chinese say "Back to Jerusalem," they're talking first of all about a geographical advance of the gospel throughout history.  Some estimate that as many as 30,000 Chinese a day are becoming members of the Kingdom of God through the Gospel of Jesus.



23 Minutes in Hell: One man's story about what he saw, heard, and felt in that place of torment

by Bill Wiese

see Bill Wiese speak about his amazing 23 minutes in Hell on video here


23 minutes in hell What is hell like, and how does one avoid an eternity of torment? Bill Wiese shares his unforgettable experience during which God allowed him to see and feel the agony people endure in hell.

Wiese's visit to the devil's lair lasted just twenty-three minutes, but he returned from this with vivid details etched in his memory. He records an accurate account of his experience in this book, presenting more than three hundred scriptures that verify the horrors he endured and observed.


The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life

by Ramesh Ponnuru

democrats party of death They celebrate abortion on demand as a fundamental human right. They advocate euthanasia, and work energetically for embryo-killing research. They explicitly deny that all human beings are equal in having a right to life, and unblushingly propose the creation of a category of "human non-persons" who can be treated as expendable. In line with that, some of them have already begun calling for the killing of sick infants -- for their own good, of course. They are the party of death, and they are becoming increasingly powerful in America today, as well as in the world at large.

Now, in The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life, National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru provides an unflinching exposé of their past successes, present activities, and future plans, showing why their principles are so harmful - and how they can be defeated before they destroy our society altogether.

Members of the party of death, Ponnuru notes here, are everywhere. They have taken over the Democratic party lock, stock, and barrel -- although they can be found in both parties. He details how the pernicious influence of this dedicated band has permeated every aspect of our culture, corrupting law, politics, and even the teaching of history. Legal abortion, Ponnuru reveals, has unlocked the floodgates for numerous issues that have advanced the death culture, leading directly to the current national debates on euthanasia and embryo-killing for research purposes.

All this has happened, Ponnuru explains, with active help from the media establishment: with collusion from leading media figures, leading Democrats such as Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Mario Cuomo have cannily camouflaged the party of death's extreme and outlandish views. But they haven't yet won a total victory.


Islam and Terrorism: What the Quran Really Teaches About Christianity, Violence and the Goals of the Islamic Jihad

by Mark A.Gabriel, Ph.D.

(Born a Muslim, Dr Gabriel changed his name from his Muslim birth name, after finding the Lord Jesus.  He is an ex-Professor of Muslim history at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo.) 


islam and terrorism Presented by an ex Professor of Islamic History at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, this book provides the reader with an extremely valuable insight into what the Islamic holy book, the Quran, teaches about Christianity, violence & the goals of the Islamic jihad. We are also imparted with an in depth analysis into the Islamic faith, beliefs and traditions through a book which documents the identification between modern terrorism and Islamic theology.

The book begins with an autobiography detailing the writer's experience and knowledge of Islam and how he came to question his Islamic faith. This is followed by an account of his expulsion from his family and his University, his arrest and then his detention and interrogation by the Egyptian secret police. The story extends to his conversion to Christianity and the main body of the book which deals with Islam and associated terrorism.

Written in the wake of the September 11th attacks, the book outlines how as a "Christian" society, we in the West have an extremely limited comprehension of what Muslims actually believe and what, if any, agenda the religion of Islam has.



Jesus and Muhammad: Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities

by Mark A.Gabriel, Ph.D.

(Born a Muslim, Dr Gabriel changed his name from his Muslim birth name, after finding the Lord Jesus.  He is an ex-Professor of Muslim history at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo.) 

jesus versus muhammad Born in Egypt, he grew up as a devout Muslim. He memorized the Quran, earned a Ph.D. in Islamic studies at Al Azhar University, and faithfully followed the laws of Islam. Yet the more he learned, the more disillusioned he became. He abandoned Islam at the age of 34.

After a year of searching for God, he opened a Bible for the first time one night. As he read the life of Jesus from the book of Matthew, he mind automatically compared it to the life of Muhammad. When morning came, he chose to follow Jesus. With the same zeal that he used to follow Muhammad, he has followed Jesus for the past 12 years, earning a Ph.D. in Christian education.

His perspectives on Jesus and Muhammad will give you new insight into these men. You will walk through their lives, discovering amazing similarities between their childhoods, their public ministry, and their teachings. At the same time, deep differences become obvious-in their attitudes toward people, their missions, and their views of God.



Struggling for Life

by Dr. Kelly Hollowell


struggling for life
The most dangerous time in any child's life is his or her first nine months. That's because abortion takes one out of every four children conceived in America, making the route from womb to tomb very short for millions of unborn boys and girls. "Struggling for Life" provides a shocking glimpse into how your tax dollars and twisted biomedical research are targeting the unborn. Written by Dr. Kelly Hollowell, WND contributor and founder of Science Ministries, Inc., this riveting, sometimes personal account details the gushing flow of federal dollars into the coffers of America's leading abortion performer.  $9.00/paperback/111-pages


A Renegade's Guide to God - Finding Life Outside Conventional Christianity

by Pastor David Foster

Jesus set us free!  Learn from David Foster how really to be "free".

Growing up, David Foster resented the self-righteousness found at churches whose missions centered on fear and guilt. He longed to be free--away from force-fed religion--but still follow Jesus. He considered himself a renegade, for God. A renegade resists being told what to do and how to think. That's why this is a guidebook, not a rulebook. Filled with firsthand discoveries that sometimes put Foster at odds with his peers, this book exposes myths and half-truths found in organized religion today. Foster boasts that "God loves you as you are, not as you ought to be," and shows an exciting Christian life does not have to be an oxymoron. He dares Christians to be what they were made to be--renegades for God.

We can never please God by our good works.  We can only please the Father by pleasing the Son.  Remember, Jesus also "railed" against organized Religion. 

Want to learn what "everything is all about"?  Read this story that David Foster tells in this book, about the "Father and the Son" here.  It's that simple...



6 Big Big Big Angels

by Mary Jo Pennington

Victoria, a 4 1/2 year old child fell off of a pool slide. As she fell, an angel lifted her into the air and gently set her on the ground. However, during this moment in eternity, she was taken to the throne room of God. She was sent back and tells about her experience from the perspective of a child.

During an accident by the pool, Mary Jo's granddaughter, Victoria, saw heaven and then was supernaturally protected from being hurt. She saw people in heaven and aborted babies and knew details of how some of the people in heaven had died. Very comforting for those who have lost loved ones. After the first account, Victoria had many more accounts of seeing heaven and one time seeing hell. She also sees into the spirit realm, seeing angels and demons.   200 pages.



The Da Vinci Hoax

by Carl E. Olson and Sandra Miesel


the da vinci hoax If author Dan Brown offered his Da Vinci Code arguments in the form of a historical treatise, they would be dismissed as sheer fantastic speculation. But he invites the public to accept the book as history and then, if challenged, retreats to saying "but it's just a story".

This book is the real friend of those seeking the truth because it gives you the real facts of Christianity's history, the real beliefs of primitive Christians, the real facts about the Gospels and the Gnostic gospels, Mary Magdalene, and a lot of other things which appear in The Da Vinci Code. Only unlike Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, this book is not fiction. 


The Marketing of Evil

by David Kupelian

the merketing of evil "The Marketing of Evil is a serious wake-up call for all who cherish traditional values, the innocence of children, and the very existence of our great country." —Dr. Laura Schlessinger, talk-show host and author

"It's often said that marketing is warfare, and in The Marketing of Evil, David Kupelian clearly reveals the stunning strategies and tactics of persuasion employed by those engaged in an all-out war against America's Judeo-Christian culture." —David Limbaugh, syndicated columnist and author

The battle of world views and many of today's most contentious issues receive appropriate attention. Same sex marriages, pedophilia and the legalization of homosexuality are among the many issues discussed. Promiscuity is itself cited as being portrayed as just another element of "freedom".

The study analyzes how abortion has allegedly been portrayed as a "choice", a "personal decision" arrived at between a woman and her Doctor, with little or no attention being given to the morality surrounding the issue or the welfare of the unborn child. When a woman arrives at a
Planned Parenthood "killing field", the woman becomes a "sale" there to them; she is more often than not professionally "nudged" and "led" into the decision to kill her baby, because "Doctors" there see dollar ($$) signs. Typically these "doctors", demand non-traceable cash from the mother--something IRS should question.

For starters. Why don't we demand that the Law changes --saying a mother MUST first stop by an adoption agency before stepping foot in a Planned Parenthood "Killing Field"?

Read how the Gay Agenda has managed to control America's media to turn our thinking of
homosexuals as sinners and deviants to poor, poor gays that have been so misunderstood for so long.

Read how the Homosexual Agenda has managed to control America's media to turn our thinking of homosexuals as sinners and deviants to poor, poor gays that have been so misunderstood for so long. 

There was a time when Americans knew that homosexuals were not born that way, but rather had their normal identity-gender redirected and disturbed via early childhood experiences; typically, an "attack" by a homosexual or other deviant, possibly a family member.

But homosexuals have managed to hoodwink the US media (and Presidential candidates like Kerry) to buy into the lie that they are born that way.  Concomitantly, homosexual deviant behavior is protected --so that they can now freely multiply.  But God is not amused.

Also, through a selective approach to this contentious subject, the media is cited as portraying the Israelis as the "aggressor", whereby the viewer/reader is subjected to what is cited herein as the "Trojan Horse of the Arab world".

Another example, few of us realize that the widely revered father of the "sexual revolution" has been irrefutably exposed as a full-fledged sexual psychopath who encouraged pedophilia. Or that giant corporations voraciously competing for America's $150 billion teen market routinely infiltrate young people's social groups to find out how better to lead children into ever more debauched forms of "authentic self-expression."


The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)

by Robert Spencer

politically incorrect guide to islam This book should be required reading for all High School and College students.

It is unfortunate that not many more scholars are willing to confront this topic with honestly and integrity. That's because there is academic bias on campus. Muslim students will protest violently and try to get teachers fired. Liberal professors commit the crime of denial by ignoring how much violence and destruction Islam has caused around the world. Islam has been successful in completely wiping out many middle eastern cultures and languages and replaced them with the pagan religion of Islam that requires its made up, nonsense-filled, holy book (Koran/Qur'an) only be read in a language most don't even understand --the language of Arabic.

Muslims destroyed Jewish synagogues, Christian churches & Hindu Temples all over the world, in their zeal to convert the entire world to Islam.

Every Christian who participated in the Crusades, did so, against the teachings of Jesus.

However, in retrospect, the Crusades probably allowed the western world a thousand years of freedom from the diabolical Islamic religion. The Crusaders stopped the expansion of the Islamic empire. This allowed Christianity to prosper in Europe which preserved the gospel for the rest of the world to receive.

Christians should never apologize for the the Crusades, because these were a reaction to the Muslim crusades against the entire world. In the 7th century the Muslims took control of Jerusalem, and in the 11th century they began to hassle, kill, molest Christian pilgrims in the Jerusalem area. The Crusades were also in response to the cries of help from the eastern Byzantine Empire, which was very worried about the military threat to it from the Seljuk Turks. So if the Christians did not respond, the Muslims would have conquered all of Europe and wiped out Christianity from the planet. Today we would all be bowing to Mecca instead of worshipping Jesus.



Miracle of Miracles

By Mina Nevisa

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Request a copy of this 224 page paperback book from Mina at:

Touch of Christ Ministries
P. O. Box 223492
Chantilly, Virginia 20153

Tel: 703-888-8374


You Can Order the book "Miracle Of Miracles" by sending an Email To TOCMINISTRIES@GMAIL.COM , Or Send Your Check Or Money Order To The Ministry Address above. Credit Cards Are Accepted. Call above telephone number.


Mina uses all proceeds to evangelize the Gospel to Muslims. Mina uses all proceeds to evangelize the Gospel to Muslims.

You will truly learn what Jesus meant by:

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.
Luke 14:26-27

miracle of miracles MIRACLE OF MIRACLES is a young upper class Iranian girl's stirring true testimony about how Jesus Christ found her and her husband in Tehran, and how and why they had to escape Iran to avoid execution by radical Muslims.  Their crime? They converted from Islam to Christianity.  Rejected by her family who she loves, and an utter outcast in her homeland, Mina and her husband made a harrowing journey across the mountains to Turkey, then to Europe, and lastly to America.

It's also about how Jesus actually appeared to a her father, a devout Muslim Theology Teacher of great renown in the Muslim world. Jesus converted this man to Christianity on the spot.

If you have any doubt that the Lord Jesus Himself is leading the way and is seeking out worthy believers in Muslim countries --you won't after reading this book of true miracles.

This is a MUST READ if you are a Muslim who has ever wondered why Allah insists that you pray, not in your native language; or why your prayers with Allah always seem to be empty, pointless and one-way. Come out to freedom, and leave all these meaningless rituals behind.  Stop misdirecting your sweet and worthy prayers to a deity who simply is not either alive, or there.  This is also a MUST READ for any Christian who doesn't believe in miracles, or who wants to meet Muslims face to face and learn about them.

YOU WON'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN, because the honesty and sincerity of the writer oozes through every page.  And her love for the living Lord Jesus is real.



Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

by Robert Spencer and Daniel Ali

inside islam for catholics Here’s a question-and-answer book on Islam written specifically for Catholics. Inside Islam addresses Islam’s controversial teachings on God, jihad, the role of women, and more.

Given Islam's rising popularity and rapid expansion into Western society, we cannot afford to ignore Islam's claim to be God's final revelation. Despite our best intentions of tolerance among all religions, we cannot be closed-minded to the possibility that a religion might proclaim untruth -- or even injustice. "Inside Islam," which contrasts Islam's claims with those of Christianity, is a must-read for all Christians, and Catholics in particular.



by Bruce Olson

bruchko Bruce Olson was a 19 year old kid from Minnesota when he followed God's will for him to bring the Gospel to South American natives. Not knowing a word of Spanish, or any Indian languages, not having a missionary board, or any other missionaries to welcome him, not having a friend in all of South America (except for Jesus Christ), he walked off an airplane in Venezuela, and eventually found himself injured and left to die inside a hut of the Motilone tribe, a group of natives so fierce that even the neighboring tribes refused to approach their territory and guided Bruce only so far, disappearing at the first sign of a Motilone.

How Bruce survives, and reaches these people and how Jesus transforms them is an exciting and enthralling true story that is miraculous, humbling, and glorious. You won't be able to put this book down until you reach the end, and you'll wish for a sequel, as Bruce is alive and well today and still touching folks with the Gospel and transforming power of Jesus Christ.



End Time Delusions: The Rapture, the Antichrist, Israel, and the End of the World

by Steve Wohlberg

the rapture, the antichrist, end time delusions The 70 weeks of the Daniel Prophecy have nothing to do with tribulation and the antichrist. There is no text in the Bible that teaches a 7-year tribulation. Daniel 9:27 speaks of nothing to do with an antichrist, a rebuilt Jewish Temple, or even tribulation. Nothing! These 70 weeks ended over 1970 yrs ago.

No area of Christianity has been subject to more misguided interpretation than end time prophecy. Millions of Christians sense we are nearing Jesus Christ’s return. Yet when it comes to what the majority thinks will happen during Earth’s last days, and what the Bible actually says will occur, the difference is seismic.

Will Christians vanish in a rapture? Will seven years of apocalyptic terror overtake those left behind? Will one future Mr. Diabolical—the antichrist—rise to control the world? Will he enter a rebuilt Jewish temple, claiming to be God? Will Earth’s nations attack Israel at Armageddon? Best-selling books like Left Behind and popular apocalyptic movies predict such things. Are they correct?

With clarity and biblical accuracy, End Time Delusions exposes massive errors now flooding through media and in much of today’s sensational prophecy writing.



The Heavenly Man : the remarkable story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun

by Paul Hattaway

The Heavenly Man
This book is a Testament to the tens of thousands of Christian martyrs --just in the past few decades who have given their lives for Christ in places like China, India, the Middle east, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and North Korea. If you never believed in miracles and the mystical--you will believe after reading how God is moving within China's underground "house churches". It's a modern-day classic that will, perhaps, challenge your faith and your life as no other book you may ever read..

Christians in the Western and developed world are virtually spiritual pygmies compared to our Christian brethren suffering under persecution
and rising to the task of giving testimony to The Gospel with their very lives and their all for Christ, and Christ alone.

This book is an awesome Testimony to our Christian brother Yun and Jesus Our Lord.



Eye to Eye
by Bill Koenig

eye to eye

In hindsight, the past 10 years has produced more natural disasters than any time in America’s history. You can call this coincidence, or you can look at it deeper, as if God is watching America very closely –and grading her on how she treats the nation of Israel, and the land he promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  

Can it be that God is not amused, when U.S. Presidents like Carter, Reagen, George Bush, Senior, Clinton, and now George W. Bush meet to divide up Israel? A Palestinian State within Israel, the “apple of God’s eye”? Land for peace? Jerusalem divided?

Are you skeptical? How about 88 tornadoes in 48 hours, or 412 tornadoes in 10 days? The list of all the natural disasters is very long, and quite bizarre.  Never forget America: God has promised to bless those that bless Israel, and to curse those that curse Israel (Genesis 12:3).  Do we bless Israel by pressuring her to give up what she cannot give up?

Just prior to 911 G. W. Bush and Colin Powell were working on the most comprehensive Middle east plan ever offered by an American president. They completed this work on September 10, 2001.

In early 1993, Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat, and Yitzhak Rabin began intense negotiations on creating a Palestinian state. Shortly after, the World Trade Center was first bombed, then the storm of the century (with tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, heavy snows) arrived in America on March 12. Remember, chimneys on homes could be seen just above the water in St. Louis. The day before Yasser Arafat planned to declare a Palestinian state in May 1999, the largest tornado in Oklahoma history, and the highest speed in U.S. history (318 m.p.h. winds) touched down in Oklahoma.



"Glimpses of the Devil : A Psychiatrist's Personal Accounts of Possession,

by M. Scott Peck, MD

Glimpses of the Devil

In this astonishing new book, Doctor Peck reveals his work as an exorcist and attempts to establish a science of exorcism for future research. It offers the first complete account of exorcism and possession by a modern psychiatrist.  Peck knows that many readers will be skeptical of or perplexed by his report, and thus he emphasizes that he himself scoffed at the idea of demonic possession before encountering Jersey Babcock.  Peck became involved in her case mostly to "prove the devil's nonexistence as scientifically as possible." But a comment by Jersey at their first meeting "blew the thing wide open."  "Glimpses of the Devil" is not packed with supernatural tales of levitating beds or head-spinning victims. Rather, the two 25-year-old cases he chronicles involve women who hear voices and behave in a manner that Peck says cannot be explained by conventional science. 


Spirit of the Rainforest: A Yanomamo Shaman's Story

by Mark Andrew Ritchie

spirit of the rainforest

Another fascinating book that is "must" reading for every Christian is "Spirit of the Rainforest" by Mark A. Ritchie.  In the book Ritchie tells the story of Chief Shoefoot, a shaman of the Yanomamo tribe of the Amazon forest.  Chief Shoefoot, who was demonized at an early age and had numerous "spirit-guides" was led to Christ through the efforts of missionaries who came to live among the Yanomamo people.  Shoefoot goes into great detail about how he became a Shaman, his life with his people, and the dramatic deliverance he experienced alone in the rainforest.  Shoefoot at one point talks about the "out-of-body" experiences that he and his fellow-shamans had.  When he was told about Christ for the first time, he already knew who Jesus was from his "guides".  They, however, deceived him into believing that Christ was the "enemy".  Chief Shoefoot has toured and lectured in the US about his experience, and was featured on a "Focus on the Family" by Dr. Dobson.  This book is essential reading for all Christians. 

Review by Tom Richardson

Beware: This book contains some disturbingly gruesome details of real wars the Yanomamo tribes of the Amazon had with one another.... It is never-the-less an awesome look into the world of evil deceiving spirits who fight for the souls of these indians and who "quake" at even the thought of Jesus, and who the Yanomamos shamans caught lying about Jesus. The Indians know Jesus as "Yai Pada" and the Father, who they call "Yai Wana Naba Laywa". They knew of Jesus before the first white man came. The evil Spirits only wanted to lead these Indians to a life of war and revenge. Which reminds me about what Father Amorth a Catholic Exorcist wrote about these demons: "I have heard demons tell me many times that they suffer more during exorcisms than in hell. When I ask "Why don't you go to hell, then?" they answer, "Because we are only interested in making this person suffer."  See: "An Exorcist Tells His Story" below.

Jungleman the Shaman wrote: "I wish I had known the truth about Yai Wana Naba Laywa when I was a young man--it would have saved me so much pain and misery. But how could I? My spirits lied so much to me and tricked me. They were so beautiful, so wonderful, so hard not to want. They were the best at telling me split-truth. Now I'm at the end of this life, and I'm ready to begin my real life with Yai Pada." Review by Steve Keohane


by Marvin L. Lubenow

bones of contention


 A Creationist Assessment of the Human Fossils

In this excellent book by Marvin Lubenow, read why the science of paleoanthropology is not really a science, but an "art" built on an awful lot of guess work - especially regarding the evolution theory.  

Under the guise of science, the evolutionary theory has been thrust on us without a shread of direct valid evidence. It's time people woke up to the fact that scientists worldwide are fraudulently holding up on high their bogus theory of evolution.  Nothing in the fossil records indicate man existed more than 7,000 - 8,000  years ago (approx time Genesis says Adam & Eve were created).  But there is an awful lot of fraud such as Piltdown Man and Neandertal man in our search for our beginnings.  And carbon dating is very suspect as most already know.  

In this book Marvin Lubenow exposes the "Evolution" scheme quit well.  It shows why scientists outright lie to maintain this theory even in light of much more historical and observable evidence for creation. What good is a scientist who has never been "published"?  And think how boring a created world would be to a scientist.  Answers to these may hint to why the evolution theory does not just flop off the table into cartoon history.

by Bible Probe


The Signature of God
by Grant R. Jeffrey

You can order this new expanded version direct from the author by clicking "Products"  here


signature of God


This book is monumental in scope! This book is awesome in explaining the hidden secrets God has just now revealed - like the Bible Codes. I found that Mr. Grant's biblical archeology information to be extremely direct and interesting. His arguments as to both - why the Bible is the inspired work of God; and as to why Jesus of Nazareth is who He said He was (the Son of God) are simply "right on the money"! This new expanded version covers the 9/11 terrorist attacks and has updated Bible Code information. This book is easy to read. Bible Probe comment
Cosmic Codes
Hidden Messages from the Edge of Eternity

 by Chuck Missler

cosmic codes


Chuck Missler is truly a Christian with one of the best "handles" on cryptology of any writer I know of.  As Chuck points out, it is beginning to look like the large amount of information "clustered" in pertinent areas is showing even the non-believers that something awesome is happening vis-a-vis these Bible Codes.  Chuck does an in depth analysis of Prophecies and ancient history.  Chuck goes in depth into many of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled and leads one to have no doubt who Jesus is. 
After reading Chuck Missler's excellent book and digesting just what is going on here--How can one still wonder that Jesus controlled which books made it into the Bible--and that all are woven together; that Bible stories are not just bedtime stories; because the Lord has authenticated it--as if His word is not enough.   In Matthew 5:18: Jesus states; "one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled".  
This is an awesome book--Chuck Missler goes into detail about the Jewish Holidays and many Bible stories; and how they are types. Did you know that tribes of 6 fingered Giants were living in Israel--Goliath was just one?  Did you know that Giants were probably the result of the union between the fallen angels and earth women--in yet more disobedience to God in ancient days?  This book may be too technical for some; I hope not.  

The Genesis Factor, The Amazing Mysteries of the Bible Codes
by Yacov Rambsel


We think that Yacov Rambsel is the preeminent authority when seriously discussing the Bible Codes; and in particular finding those hidden gems about Jesus. Yacov, A lifelong Hebrew scholar reports here the absolute thrilling "bomb" that;  within the "Suffering Servant" (aka: Holy of Holies) passage of Isaiah 53 where we read:
"He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed"
---Every 12th Letter in Hebrew via ELS (Bible Code) spells "JESUS IS MY NAME". 

ELS=Equidistant Letter Sequences

Guardians of the Grail, and the men who plan to rule the world

by J. R. Church




The story takes you back through the centuries to view an emerging family dynasty who may soon attempt to establish a New World Order and place one of their own at the head of world government.  318 pages. Note: this book is 1 of 5 free with a 1 year subscription to Prophesy in the News Magazine.

One of those rare books filled with little known fascinating facts.


To Heaven and Back

by Rita Bennett

visit to heaven


This book is a very well done book about Near Death Experiences (NDE); people who have died--gone to heaven (or teetered enroute hell) and come back.  I thought these little stories Rita chose were fascinating, and it is one of those books that will give some people chills up their back, as it did me.  Rita Bennett is Episcopalian lay woman who has been active in spiritual renewal since 1960.  It is evident that Rita Loves the Lord, and is on guard for Satan. Consequently, Rita correctly ensured the very interesting NDE stories that she retells are first filtered through the teachings and truths of Holy Scripture.
Apocalypse Code

by Hal Lindsey



If you enjoy reading amplifications on Bible Prophecy, and reading Hal Lindsey as I do; you are in for extra "pow" with this book.  If you want to know what's in store for the generation born after 1948, then take a look here.
Jesus Among Other Gods
The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message

by Ravi K. Zacharias




Ravi Zacharias, is a Christian apologist. He claims that despite the current Hollywood romance with Buddhism as a simple faith of compassion, in most forms Buddhism is actually a complex system, featuring 227 disciplinary rules for men and 311 for women.
In his excellent book, Ravi compares eastern religions, which he knows a lot about; having grown up in India.  He correctly points out that one of the most important ways that Christianity differs from all other religions is that it alone DARES to make prophecy; and all its prophecy has and will come true.
He Choose the Nails

by Max Lucado

he chose the nails

Delightful - easy Christian reading.

Max examines the symbols surrounding Christ's crucifixion, revealing the claims of the cross and asserting that if they are true, then Christianity itself is true.

We all know that Jesus suffered on Calvary but you will finish this book with a newfound appreciation for what our Heavenly Father went through just to win our hearts!

Above are the words of other Christians about this book; and I Agree!


Caught Up into Paradise

by Richard E. Eby

caught up in paradise

I read most all of this authors books, back when they first came out and he was making the rounds on TBN. He is a very friendly, personal sort of guy, that you could easily trust as your family doctor. There is quite a bit to be learned from his books & testimony. My faith was strengthened quite a bit at the time. His experience of having gone to heaven and returned to tell us about it, is only one of many miracles that he has experienced or witnessed in his life time. We should all be so willing, ready and able to tell about God, His Kingdom and His love for us.
John Rogers/Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio USA


I've read it, and found it to be one of the most interesting peeks at both the "Anteroom" of Heaven and of Hell I've read.  This book like many others is just that a peek.  This book gives you a very small inkling of what Paradise Lost really means.  I think the Lord in His wisdom has allowed these sneak peeks; but He has kept the very best hidden as a homecoming surprise.  I also think this book is more evidence of the merciful Lord increasing our knowledge in the End Days.  Do Christians think increase of knowledge is only in medicine, computers, DNA or the realization that Genesis and not Darwin is the truth?  No; I think Jesus wants so much for you to see what awaits those who believe in the Lord.

Hostage to the Devil

by Malachi Martin


satan is real

Part of Satan's sneakiness is that he has gone to great lengths to make the world think he does not exist.  This is the opposite of what God has done.

In this excellent book by Malachi Martin he traces and follows the actual possession and exorcism of 5 living americans who were possessed by the Devil. 

This is not for the faint of heart.  It is one of those books that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as Satan emerges as a very real entity bent on trying to establish his "Kingdom" on earth.

An Exorcist Tells His Story
by Gabriele Amorth

About demons, Father Amorth wrote: "I have heard demons tell me many times that they suffer more during exorcisms than in hell.  When I ask "Why don't you go to hell, then?" they answer, "Because we are only interested in making this person suffer."

Here we see clearly the diabolical wickedness: the devil knows that he cannot possibly benefit from the suffering that he causes.  On the contrary, he knows that his eternal punishment will increase.  Even so, even at the cost of his own suffering, he cannot stop causing evil simply for evil's sake.


real exorcism

Also read; "An Exorcist Tells His Story" by Gabriele Amorth. This one is very good also, but many readers may find it distinctly Catholic.

Father Amorth argues that to deny the reality of Satan is, in essence, making the redemptive death of God's Son on the cross meaningless. If the devil is not real and does not actively seek the ruin of souls, Christ's mission was for naught. Father Amorth reminds all the faithful of the primary truth that Satan exists and must be fought with all available means and by all persons within their vocation (i.e., religious, laity).

It is important to always remember that our loving God often permits evil and illness for our own good and the growth of our souls; to obtain great spiritual fruits for the salvation of our souls.  He permits evil for the expiation of the victim's sins - to encourage the sinner to begin a life of grace and to return to His Church.



Ravaged by the New Age - Satan's Plan to destroy our kids

by Texe Marrs

new age dangers

Ravaged by the New Age is a shocking expose of the New Age occultism that is sweeping across America and the globe, snatching up our innocent children in its rotten net. This sobering book is the first to name and unmask the major New Age cults that have targeted our youth. It also reveals the hidden plan of New Age leaders to bring our teenagers into hideous bondage through Satan worship and witchcraft.

Texe Marrs lays bare the cruel designs of New Age educators to seduce and corrupt children's minds in our school classrooms. He thoroughly documents the dangerous, secret messages in kid's TV shows, cartoons, movies, comic books, fantasy games, toys and even colouring books. You'll also discover the demonic designs behind Rock and Roll and the hidden, subliminal messages in Satan's New Age "mood" music.


Islam Revealed - A Christian Arab's View of Islam

by Anis A. Shorrosh


islam revealed

Dr. Shorrosh is a born again Christian Palestinian.

He presents Islam not as an American Westerner but as an Arab eyewitness. In the course of his research into Islam, he debates the well-renowned Muslim scholar Ahmad Deedat. The book presents the whole debate as part of it. On the other hand, it is a documentary of the history, theology, and culture of Islam, all three of which are inseparably intertwined. Islam is not a religion that self-exists in a space somewhere in the sphere, but should be viewed in its Arab pagan roots as it built upon them.

Jesus warned us about false prophets.  This one (Islam) has fooled billions....

Learn more about the historic roots of Islam by looking into Mohammed's personal history of rape, murder, massacre, and theft here


The Everlasting Hatred - the roots of Jihad

by Hal Lindsey

muslim jihad


Best Selling author Hal Lindsey explains how, on September 11, an ancient fight-to-the-death conflict exploded on the shores of the U.S. Though most Americans didn't realize it, we were already involved in this struggle. A struggle driven by a hatred that goes back over 4000 years. Islamic fundamentalism's purpose is to replace the Judeo-Christian world order with an Islamic world order.


The Many Faces of John Kerry

by David N. Bossie

David N. Bossie, former chief investigator for Congress, is going after John Kerry and giving every conscientious voter a chance to see the truth about 2004's Democratic candidate.

Fully exposing this liberal Democrat Kerry's peculiar voting record; early Naval discharge (so he could protest the Vietnam War); self-contradictory positions on such vital issues as health care, education and campaign finance; and shady political dealings he'd rather voters not know about.

He lays bare Kerry's flip-flops, lies and duplicitous stances on the war in Iraq, defense spending, tax cuts, Medicare and corporate greed and corruption – finally unveiling all of Kerry's public and private faces.

You've heard of "Unfit for Command." Now, here is the rest of the case against John Kerry – his political history, his flip-flops, his extremist voting record, his actions as lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, his role as a young prosecutor. This is the book that gives you the whole story, the entire picture of John Kerry!


Why is the Church Still Here?

By Evangelist Calvin Frazier

the rapture

Reviewed by Denise M. Clark – May 2002
Author/Book Reviewer at:

Mr. Frazier got this reader’s attention with his preface and didn’t let go until the very last page. Why is the Church Still Here is a thorough study of the Book of Revelation and the idea of the Rapture. What does ‘modern’ man have in common with the man of the Old Testament?

            Verse by verse, Mr. Frazier leads the reader through Revelation, but without being preachy. His humble spirit of sharing his beliefs and knowledge of the Gospels is refreshing and compelling, his comments and ideas thought provoking as well.

            Well organized and extremely well written, ‘Why is the Church Still Here’ offers both the novice Bible reader and an expert something to think about. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Mr. Frazier’s interpretation of the various aspects and signs of the Apocalypse, he does encourage everyone to read the Bible and the Book of Revelation for themselves. His understanding and spirit clearly shows in his writing, and his compassion for one and all is obvious, a special trait that adds to the power of his words.

This is a book that can be studied more than once, and a must for any bookshelf. I guarantee it won’t collect dust, for compelling reads rarely do.



The Sword of the Prophet: History, Theology, Impact on the World

by: Serge Trifkovic

sword of the prophet review

It examines the origin, historical record, and future implications of Islam as a global force. Political correctness and other left-wing ideologies are ignored for the sake of truth and critical thinking, which is absolutely refreshing to read in this day and age of "historical ignorance" and "deliberately induced amnesia", as Mr. Trifkovic puts it.

What Mr Trifkovic does say is that Islam has historically been a religion of war, and that war is justified and even commanded in the Koran. That many progressive believers believe "Jihad" to be an inner, spiritual struggle is valid but does not change the original meaning often used by today's radicals.

The writer does not consider ALL Muslims to be "bad", but seeks to point out the fact that most of the vocal, political Muslims leading countries and organizations happen to be radicals funded by oil money. That is, the extremists have the money and the power, and the moderates, like moderates in most religions, do very little to stand in their way and say, "No, that is not Islam!" One of the more reasonable, albeit difficult to envision, paths to peace that he suggests is to somehow move the power and money into the hands of moderate, non-West-hating Muslims.
no star
A Rabbi Talks with Jesus

by Jacob Neusner

a rabbi talks with jesus

Don't be fooled.  This is not a Christian book!

I would recommend a Christian spend their money on any of the above books and not waste it on this book. This book is about a Jewish Rabbi who already has ignored over 300 prophecies in the Old Testament which He says he is a scholar of. This Rabbi says nothing about Daniel's prophecy that the Messiah had to come before the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 A.D. He doesn't bother to explain that Daniel gave the exact day (Palm Sunday) that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt; when He let Himself be proclaimed Messiah & King. Having missed these, Rabbi Neusner then naturally proceeds arguing with Jesus as if Jesus was not the Son of God, and the Savior foretold as early as in the Garden of Eden. 

Memorable arguments this Rabbi mounts are the same ones that 1st century Jews of Jesus's day argued--such as why does Jesus do miracles on the Sabbath, and why do the apostles pick corn on the Sabbath. 

Rabbi Neusner cannot see why Jesus does not teach Torah as Moses did (i.e. God said), but teaches it as in His own name. The Rabbi says nothing about Moses himself writing that a prophet greater than he would come (Jesus).  I found this book so dull and uninspired reading that I got through only about 1/2 of it before being bored to death and giving it up.  The "veil" remains.  This tiny book of dribble is way overpriced at $17.95 too.


"Where God Lives" , the Science of the Paranormal and How Our Brains are Linked to the Universe by Melvin Morse, M.D. 


For those who don't know it, there is an emerging science which is trying to explain how each individual taps into communication with God, who is also the universal divine intelligence. 

It just may turn out that every earnest prayer to God you may have made, may have been transmitted
to God in another dimension via your brain's right temporal lobe.

For a long time it has been known that many people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE) have a highly sensitive ability to use their brain's right temporal lobes.  The preponderance of evidence and similarities of these near death events, especially by children, suggest that near death experiences are much more than either imagination or merely chemical changes in the brain.  

NDE participants consistently report an "all loving bright light", " life playbacks", meeting relatives who have passed over, looking at their almost/and dead bodies from a distance, and traveling "home" with a " being of light"--many have often described as Jesus.  Many people who have had near death experiences bring back with them special insights and knowledge that they could not have otherwise known.

Science has found that the deeper they look into atomic particles, the more they seem to find evidence of a holographic universe. The smallest sub-atomic particles often show evidence of an all new dimension.  I think Albert Einstein even suggested this.  Could the smallest particles be constantly going back and forth between this known physical world and an unknown dimension?

Many scientists and earnest theologians are trying to find out if the physical universe is actually over-layered holographics -- which may explain actual ghost appearances. In short, if there is no time as we know it, a ghostly appearance or even an entire battlefield battle scene can be tapped into by a sensitive/evolved brains' right temporal lobe in a holographic universe as if it is happening now.  This "holographic universe" may be well beyond what we know as merely holographic images.  People often claim that a ghostly appearance is preceded by a smell of flowers, etc.  In one near death experience, the man's "life review" was complete with the man actually feeling all the feelings that his actions caused to others as if he were the recipient of his actions.  

This tapping into a universal knowledge may also explain the "reincarnation" phenomena.  Some people who claim to have been reincarnated may have also tapped into the universal intelligence via their brain's right temporal lobe, allowing them to believe they actually had lived another life.  It is becoming clear that many who incorrectly claim to have been reincarnated reveal actual knowledge of people, places, events, and actual things that they could not have otherwise known. It's as if these people had visited an earlier time/which is actually still present in the "universal intelligence", and confused this with actually having lived there or even been there.  Perhaps they merely tapped into direct communication with this divine intelligence, we know as God.  Get rid of clocks, and the sense of time by light sources (stars, rising and setting of the sun), and everything that was, still is--- in a holographic way.

Was the right temporal lobe created by God so that we could communicate with God and tap into the universal database of everything that was and is? Does this explain "intuition"?

Did early humans communicate initially via non-spoken words using the extra sensory right temporal lobe of the brain? As humans evolved and relied on spoken language and writing skills-- did this
right temporal lobe area become less useful except for intuition--so that we now rely on the left
temporal areas almost exclusively?

What does all this mean to us as Christians? 

I know it doesn't in any way lesson the work of Jesus on the cross because all evidence, including
all this scientific data still points to an all good and loving God who detests sin. Salvation and where one goes after death is an altogether different issue best explained by God's Word in Scripture.  Jesus is also known as the only begotten Son of God, the Word of God, and the Logos.  He is the mediator between the Father and man.  Nobody can come to the Father except through Jesus.  

Faith seems paramount to this entire communication process, however!  How can one earnestly communicate without the Faith required to know your broadcast is being received?  Everything I've discovered in my research comes right smack back to Jesus's earthly message: that "Faith is the way to salvation", and to love God, and to love your neighbor.

As a trained analyst, I don't think anyone can look at all the real faith healings, individual healings via prayer, near death experience data, UFO sightings (possibly from a different dimension vs another planet), miracles, ghost sightings --and any longer think that the physical world is all there is.

What this data does suggest is not only that there is a God, but He is entirely in control. And it suggests that He is more awesome, omnipotent, and omnipresent than anyone can imagine.  It also suggests that what God has planned for eternity is too grand and unfathomable to ever possibly imagine.  Because these are the end days, it gives me a feeling of peace to know that God is continuing to reveal pieces of His plan a bit at a time to reassure us that we will never be alone.

All data in totality, including thousands of Near Death Experiences, indicate what this " God science"
is revealing is indeed the all-loving, all-powerful God whom Moses described at Mount Sinai as:

"The Lord, The Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth," 

Jesus said that knowledge would increase in the "end days".  I also cannot forget Jesus telling the apostles that a certain demon could only be gotten rid of by a lot of prayer.  Could it be all as simple as tapping in via prayer?  Can't we all begin tapping into this "universal intelligence" by just earnestly thanking God for all the good things He has given us?  Could we cure ourselves of many physical disorders by tapping into this Divine Will via prayer?  Why not?  This reminds me of this unforgettable near death experience which shows the power of prayer: 


At the first heaven I met a Being. Or I should say he met me. I recognized him as Jesus Christ, and he led me through the three heavens.  As God opened up the book, pages began to come out of the volume and fly into the hands of the angels on horses. I could hear His voice, "like the voice of loud thunder," shouting and saying, "Go, answer her prayers! Go, answer his prayers!"

Bible Probe warns against occult leanings, as this is not what these revelations are all about. Holy
Scripture shows the occult to be a satanic counter to communicating with God, and that is expressly against the Will of God.  What we are speaking of here is investigations into the physical world and how they relate to the paranormal and to what is actually consciousness.

Christians should have an open mind with this new emerging science. It all comes down to praying and communicating with God more earnestly. And it reveals exactly what Christians have always known - that there is another place waiting for us after death and that the Lord Jesus is waiting for you there. Near death experiences reveal over and over that the after life will "knock your socks off".

 Steve Keohane,

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divine revelation of heaven


This is not a Near Death Experience!  It's an authorized visit to Heaven!

Smarten up folks!  Stop listening to those meatheads with degrees who claim evolution is how it happened.  This is a beautiful book that lets you peek over Mary's shoulder on her sneak peek of Heaven.  Better than a Near Death Experience (NDE); and all  according to Scripture; just as you knew heaven would be.  Mary K. Baxter takes us along with her from the time the Lord Jesus allows her to enter the "Pearly Gates" to her awesome awareness that she is standing and watching God the Father actually dispatching Angels to answer prayers from his people.  Mary carries the message that all "heartfelt" prayers and tears are heard and "captured". Why couldn't the Lord Jesus commission Mary to tell this story for the benefit of His Saints in these "end times".

Divine Revelation of Hell

by Mary K. Baxter


Read in Chinese here


divine revelation of hell


Satan wants you, who call Jesus your Lord, to doubt your salvation, to take away peace and paralyze you with fear.

In her "authorized" visit to Hell, Mary K. Baxter describes the environment, demons and types of punishments people experience in Hell. It is uncomfortable to read, simply because the bottom line is Hell is terribly awful.




See more on Archo Volume here

archko volume


In 1887, Rev. W. D. Mahan published a book entitled The Archko Volume.  It is the results of his search for 1st century documents.  Research took him to the Vatican in Rome and to the Jewish Talmuds in Constantinople, Turkey. Among many other writings he located a letter written on a papyrus scroll to Caesar from Pontius Pilate, dated about 31 A.D..  What follows is truly awesome if the documents here turn out to have been  really written by Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas, Herod and others. 
There is also a unique, delightful,  investigative report by the Sanhedrim following the "Angelic Ruckus" in Bethlehem the night of Christ's birth.  Apparently all of Bethlehem was aware and the "Singing from the Skies" and light shows would not let anyone sleep that night.  It would be nonsense to believe Pontius Pilate never wrote about any of this "Jesus thing" to his Caesar, or that Caiaphas never reported to the Sanhedrim, or that the Sanhedrim would not investigate Bethlehem.  I found the physical description of Jesus by both Pilot and the old man who lived on the Road to Bethany to be what I imagine the "man" in the Shroud of Turin looks like.  Romans & Jews were meticulous document keepers--so why can't these be real?  Why haven't scholars demanded they be tested?
These documents show Pilate in so much awe of Jesus (which I suspected from Scripture) that Pontius Pilate could very well  have died a Christian.  Likewise: after the resurrection, Caiaphas appears so shaken - he too may have become a Christian and may have resigned from the Sanhedrim with a guilty conscience. Beware: some have claimed these documents are a forgery.  See some serious questions about the authenticity of these documents here.  I just don't think so - you will have to make up your own mind.  Nothing I read in these documents either contradicts, adds or subtracts to my firm belief that Jesus is the Son of God.  



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Terrorists Among Us: Jihad In America

terrorists among us
In making this groundbreaking documentary, Emerson was the first American journalist to document in chilling video the militant Islamic support networks and terrorist groups secretly operating on American soil.  This film tracks down and shows interviews with a network of Islamic extremists in New York, Boston, New Jersey, Texas, California, Florida and Kansas, detailing their hatred and violent intentions against all Americans, including Christians, moderate Muslims and Jews in the United States. See more here



masonry dangers
about $12.00


See at

In his book Masonry "Beyond the Light", William Schnoebelen (now a saved Christian) talks about his experiences as first a Satanist and then a Mason who passed through nearly all the Mason Degrees, including some that American Masons are unaware of; such as degrees in Masonry like the Egyptian rites of Masonry and the Paladin. During his initiation into Palladium Masonry William sadly admits to standing with Masons, some who were also satanists and chanting; "Glory and Love for Lucifer! Hatred! Hatred! Hatred! to God accursed! accursed! accursed!". He says that hashish provides some of their "illumination", taking after the 1st "Illuminati" 18th century Mason Adam Weishaupt. 

During the Palladium "program" William tells how Masons promised to surrender themselves body and soul to Lucifer, usually for 7 years, and Lucifer promised to grant them all their worldly desires. 

Through drugs and occult William says that they practiced opening the "Third Eye" which when opened completely flooded their brains with the "pure" consciousness of Lucifer himself--which is Satan's counterfeit of the Christian's "being born again". He says one would then look at the world and people as Satan does.

William says that as this degree progressed, they had conversations with the dead and then went on to "marrying" the dead when the demons ultimately possessed them entirely to a point that "there is no longer anyone home" in the host body. William says he experienced being linked mentally into a "vast spider web" of communication as part of an invisible army of slaves almost totally dependent on Satan.

We must also remember that the Shriners are no more and no less than very high degree Masonry--no matter how many funny cars they ride around in with their funny hats on; and no matter how they try to fit into the community with benevolant fund raisers, etc.. Shriners are the Islamic branch of Masonry linking this occultist, satanistic, God hating "institution" and conspiracy to Islam. 

You may not think Masonry was right in there behind and/or with the Klu Klux Clan also. I'd say you are wrong.... and you didn't know the Boston Born Confederate General "Mason Extraordinaire" Albert Pike (1809-1891).... Satan is all about slavery... He is a wicked slave master...

Bible Probe Comment:

Masonry is all about lying to new initiates about what Masonry (including Freemasonry) is all about.  Masons are even lied to about what their symbols and aprons are all about.  Masons are spoon fed via degrees what they should know.  All of it is a lie until they reach the higher degrees where Lucifer comes forth as their "shining star in the east", and where it even becomes clear that the "G" on the Masonic apron is a sexual/reproductive symbol and the square is the symbol for the lingam (God force in witchcraft), and "G" does not stand for God or geometry. Some of these folks still think the star in the east is referring to Bethlehem, when to the Wise men coming from the east this should be the "shining star in the west".  It's all about the occult and Satan Worship, but a Mason will point to the Bible in the Masonic Temple and say; see it's one of the 3 great lights of Masonry.  Ask this Mason, when the last time something was read from it about the Son of God.  Or, when the last time he heard the name of Jesus even mentioned in a Masonic Lodge.  

Don't Masons know the Holy of Holies temple rights faced West?  Yet Mason temple rights face east -- in Satan's direction - to the Sun god Ba'al?  Haven't Mason's heard that the north side of a Masonic Lodge is the side of ignorance and darkness?  Ding! Ding! In the Bible, the north side is where God presides.  And like some sick satanic joke a Masonic Lodge is facing exactly backwards from the real Temple of Solomon - sort of a Black Mass of direction.  Masons even allow their own children and wives to be sucked into Satan's ClubHouse via the Order of DeMolay, Job's Daughters, the Rainbows, and the Order of the Eastern Star -  where they feed them the contrary doctrine that salvation is by works; vs the grace of the Lord Jesus. Satan has managed to deceive so many people into thinking they are getting real brotherly friendship under his guidance than they would get in a Christian Church.  

In an almost a dead "giveaway" to its satanic nature, a common Masonic ritual even promises; "when in that last day your poor trembling soul stands naked and alone before the great white throne".  Any Christian should know only the unsaved and "damned" will stand in front of the great white throne of God. 

When you stand in front of the great white throne in your mocking lambskin aprons with satanic sexual "G"enerative symbol printed on them and plead your "good works" instead of the blood of The Lamb, surely you'll generate a "hit". So much time wasted that could have been better spent with family and Jesus.  Read Genesis to see why God did not want Adam and Eve to wear aprons of fig leafs to cover their shame, and why God gave them coats from animal skins.

I Pray you plead the Blood of the Lamb and remove this scourge from yourself and your family, before it's too late.

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