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The Archko Volume
Keep in mind - these are:
Non-canon documents

Christians should keep in mind that only Holy Scripture is deemed to be inspired by God.  


 "The Archko Volume", paperback by Dr McIntosh, Dr Twyman, Paul Tice (Introduction)
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In 1887, Rev. W. D. Mahan published a book entitled The Archko Volume.  According to Rev Mahan, it is the results of his exhaustive search for 1st century documents.  He says his research took him to the Vatican in Rome, and to the Jewish Talmuds in Constantinople, Turkey.
Among many other writings, Rev Mahan says he located a letter written on a papyrus scroll to Caesar from Pontius Pilate (dated about 31 A.D), and two letters written by Caiaphas to the Jerusalem Sanhedrim - about Jesus.. 
The document below which is said to be written by Pontius Pilot to Caeser is awesome, IF the document was really written by Pontius Pilate.  My favorite, however, is the "angelic rucus" in Bethlehem, on the day of our Savior's birth.
Guaranteed to have made a great "rucus" in Israel, I think It would be nonsense to believe Pontius Pilate never wrote about any of this "Jesus thing" to his Caesar, or that Caiaphas never reported these things to the Sanhedrim, or that the Sanhedrim never sent someone like Jonathan to investigate the happenings at Bethlehem. 
As these are not part of the Bible, the reader is left to decide for themselves to believe them or not to believe them
Nothing in these in any way challenges or even discredits what is known about Jesus of Nazareth.  It is our opinion that the reports about Jesus tend to confirm what we already know; that he is the Savior and Messiah; and that He came to earth and lived a sinless life as a man.  
Writing about what Lazarus thinks of Jesus, the Sanhedrim investigator wrote that Mary & Martha told him: "He thought him to be one of God's prophets. He said when they were out in the mountains, as they are most all the time, Jesus can tell him all about the flowers, trees, and rocks, can tell him everything in the world, and that none of the animals are afraid of him. He says often the stag and the wolf will come and stand for Jesus to stroke their mane, and seem almost loath to go away from him. He says that no poisonous serpent will offer to hiss at him. Their brother thinks he is perfectly safe if Jesus is with him."

In the same investigative report by the Sanhedrim's investigator Gamaliel, an old man named Massalian quotes Jesus as saying; "Who can measure the distance between God and the flower of the field? What connection is there between man and the lily?"


The Archko Volume is a controversial document written by Rev. W. D. Mahan, a Boonville, Missouri minister, published in 1887. 

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