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Abraham Abraham Richard Harris
Barbara Hershey
Maximillian Schell
 This is a powerful film about an ordinary man who is called by God to prove his faith in extraordinary ways.  (1994) Highly Recommended for Christians and Jews



A Lesson Before Dying

A Lesson Before Dying Don Cheadle
Cicely Tyson
Mekhi Phifer
Irma P. Hall
Brent Jennings
An American Masterpiece! Where are the critic's? Where are the Oscar nominations?

On a bright sunny day in 1948, Jefferson (Mekhi Phifer) sets off down the road to go catch some fish; by the end of the movie's opening sequence, he is the one who's been caught, and wrongly accused of the murder of a white shopkeeper. Racial inequality, at the time, is so pervasive in Louisiana that the white defense lawyer's argument at Jefferson's trial is that his client is not worthy of conviction: "You might just as soon put a hog in the 'lectric chair as this," he declares. Outraged by this statement, Jefferson's godmother (Irma P. Hall) does not want her godson to die as a hog. To this end she enlists the reluctant aid of the black community's teacher, Grant Wiggins (Don Cheadle), to teach him to "be a man." As Grant and Jefferson get to know each other (and the viewer gets to know them both), it's not clear which of them needs the lesson more. As in Ernest J. Gaines's award-winning novel, the movie goes beyond the conflict between the races to explore divisions that splinter the black community: education versus religion, dark skin versus light. And, thanks to masterful performances from Cheadle and Phifer as well as a thoughtful screenplay by Amy Peacock, A Lesson Before Dying goes even further, examining what it means to be human and the responsibility a man has to himself and to his community. Originally made for HBO, this adaptation of Gaines's novel richly deserves to be seen by a wider audience. --Larisa Lomacky Moore

1999. Full Screen. 101 minutes

Seer at here


a man for all seasons A Man for All Seasons Paul Scofield

Robert Shaw

Orson Welles

John Hurt


This film portrays the sixteenth century life and death of Sir Thomas More, a prominent member of the court of English king Henry VIII. Grounded in historical fact, this movie vividly tells the story of More's stand against the king's betrayal of the law of God -- a stand which ultimately would cost Thomas his head.

When the then Catholic king Henry VIII sought to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, so he could instead marry Anne Boleyn, his will was opposed by the Roman papacy as being repugnant to the clear teachings of scripture. Rather than submit to the law of God, Henry chose to rebel by having Parliament pass a law to establish the Church of England and declare Henry the head of it. In order to legitimize his claim to this new title, however, Henry needed the support of his members of state, not the least of which was Thomas More.  At the play's heart is the standoff between King Henry VIII (Robert Shaw, in young lion form) and Sir Thomas More.

When presented with the king's demand to sign an oath declaring the king's rightful claim to the headship of the new Church of England, Thomas demurred but refused to state his reason for so doing. He sought protection in his silence, knowing that his refusal to sign would likely be viewed as treason, but that treason must be proved by evidence -- and he intended to give them none.

In a brilliant performance, Paul Scofield (in an Oscar-winning performance) depicts Thomas in his steadfast assertion of integrity and conscience toward the law of his God. His chief accusers, namely Lords Cromwell, Norfolk, and Rich, are repeatedly confounded at Thomas' evasion of their clever snares and manipulations, designed at first to gain More's cooperation but later to get him to incriminate himself. Cromwell and the others ultimately are forced to resort to perjury, corruption, and a kangaroo court to "convict" Thomas of the crime of high treason, and to eliminate him as the last obstacle to king Henry's ambitions.  120 minutes, Widescreen, Rated-G

A vow to Cherish Barbara Babcock

Ken Howard

Ossie Davis

Donna Bullock

David Morin


This is a very rare film which illustrates the devotion of a husband to his wife through "sickness and health, in good times and bad," as he leans on the Lord for his strength.  The 50ish wife contracts Alzheimer's Disease and this excellent movie shows the awful devastation and immediate changes within a family that this disease brings. 

This movie is an excellent portrayal of the deep faith and deep love a husband had for his wife and for his belief in Christ. . It shows that we can't do life alone, and that God truly will never leave us or forsake us. We have to run to Him. We must place our burdens on Jesus' strong shoulders because we were never meant to carry them alone. He truly offers us a peace that passes all understanding when we give our worries and hardships to Him.

1999, 1 hr, 23 minutes, Full Screen Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.  


Sodom & Gomorrah
Ancient Secrets of
the Bible (Sodom & Jericho)
Sodom & Gomorrah/Walls of Jericho (2001) Full screen




Anne Frank Anne Frank - The Whole Story Ben Kingsley


The Whole Story delivers exactly what it promises: the incredibly moving complete story of Anne Frank, going beyond what the Jewish teenage girl wrote in her widely read diary. Anne, along with her family and friends of her family, hid in a secret annex behind her father's office in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation of Holland. She dutifully kept a diary, which became a worldwide bestseller when her father published it in the 1950s. This brave film is difficult in parts to watch--the concentration camp scenes are brutal--but this is a remarkable adaptation of Anne's life. (2001)(4 1/2 stars) Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews. 


Arranged Zoe Lister-Jones

Francis Benhamou
Highly recommended movie. Goodness & Sweetness permeates this film! A peek into Jewish & Muslim traditions. And, prejudices. Yenta's, tradition, innocence, friendship; Jews & Muslims


Movie Description
Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. A young Orthodox Jewish woman, ROCHEL MESHENBERG, is about to begin her first year as a 4th Grade special education teacher at the local public school. She is also about to embark on what her father and mother call the most exciting time of her life; the process of finding a husband via the time-tested method of using a shadchen or matchmaker (Yenta).

As the school year gets underway, Rochel meets NASIRA KHALDI, a Muslim woman of Syrian descent. Nasira is also a first-year teacher. The two young women Rochel in long skirt and conservative blouse, and Nasira in her headscarf (hijab), stand out in this public school context. The principal, a secular Westchester Jew, is forever reminding them that although they are some of her smartest, most gifted teachers, they are also stunted by their outmoded customs, religions, and by their patriarchal worldviews. She tells them of her experiences in the women's movement and her desire to see them reach their full potentials.

As the school year progresses, Rochel and Nasira realize they share much in common, not least of which is that they are both going through what the outside world would call 'arranged marriages.' As their friendship deepens, they are exposed to their respective worlds. They prepare for school at one another's houses, meet one another's families, and discuss commonalities and differences.

Meanwhile they are also both meeting potential spouses. Rochel is having no luck. The shadchen is pairing her with men who, although they have good jobs or prospects, don't match her in intellect, curiosity in the world, or humor. The men presented to Nasira by her family are also not her equal. Rochel begins to question whether this age-old practice is going to work. Nasira has greater faith, as she views her parent's loving union as such a success.

With the family pressure too great, and the dates continuing to go badly, Rochel storms from the house. She visits an estranged cousin, who left the faith years ago, and is exposed to what a secular life might be. Meanwhile Nasira, concerned at her friend's state, and having met a promising prospect herself, does the unthinkable. She manipulates the Orthodox matchmaking system on behalf of her friend. The gamble pays off.

As the school year draws to an end, these two women have found their future spouses. They have also developed a friendship that transcends their insular Brooklyn communities and the religions that seem so at odds in the broader world. They share a friendship that will endure as they move on to become wives and mothers, and continue to be modern women with deep religious convictions.

See at here

Bamboo in Winter Crystal Kwok

Dennis Chan

Roy Chiao

Stuart Ong

Mary Walter


"We Christians are like the Bamboo--when you cut us down, we grow back taller and stronger..."

Winner of 7 Crown Awards A young Chinese girl begins seeking the Lord and learns the truth about what is going on in her own country and what happened within her own family. This film shows the persecution of Christians in China that is happening even today, and although well crafted, is not easy to watch. This film shows the cost of following Christ is life.

Full screen. 58 minutes. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Italian.

See DVD at here Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews. 

Bang Bang You're Dead Val Duncan

Ben Foster

Randy Harrison

Janel Moloney


Bang Bang You're Dead is not normally associated with the genre expected by Christians and Jews, but we at highly recommend it. Forget the singular young jerk wearing the satanic pentagram on his shirt, and follow this to its conclusion. For those of you who do, the Christian message of self discovery, hope and forgiveness is waiting at the end.  You will be enriched for your perseverance.  It is a Thriller, that will keep you mesmerized.

As parents you will be shocked into awareness about how the Columbine massacre could have ever happened. This film makes it abundantly clear what psychological pressures a High School kid endures. Also, you will think twice about writing any kid off until you first understand the peer pressure they are under. 
Kids can be the most ruthless people. Supernaturally cruel!

This film exposes the the typical American High school, and its pecking order which is totally destructive of our kids' pride and welfare. Left unchecked, apparent slights and constant assaults against a kids pride will inevitably spark more senseless violence and chaos...

The young Ben Foster was simply superb as the multi-layered Trevor Adams... Randy Johnson did a wonderful job as the rebel "Trog" Sean.

2002, 93 minutes.  Full Screen. Rated R for violence. Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.  Unrated.


Barabbas Barabbas Anthony Quinn

Jack Palance

Ernest Borgnine

Starring Anthony Quinn in the title role, this epic movie Barabbas was released in 1961 complete with dazzling cinematography.

Barabbas was the robber chief who was spared crucifixion and free'd instead of  Our Lord. This film imagines what happened to Barabbas after being set free by Pontius Pilot in Jerusalem.  The amazing journey the story takes is quite moving, unpredictable and thought-provoking. Quinn is excellent, his eyes are ever roaming in thought of survival. Barabbas is a man torn between his heathen upbringing, and what he knows is right through what he has witnessed in Jerusalem and Rome, no matter how much he denies what he has seen. This is a big movie shot in a down to earth realistic way. A fine study in seeking truth - with truth arriving on its doorstep only to be turned away. Many scenes, such as Christ's crucifixion, are shot and staged like tableaux in a style reminiscent of the great masters of art.  The film follows Barabbas from slaving in a sulfur mine in Sicily to becoming a gladiator in Rome. Jack Palance too is also excellent in his role as an evil gladiator-for-life.  Shots of Christian martyrs begin with the stoning of a Christian woman named Rachel in Jerusalem and end with the martyrdom of  a good Christian named Sahak in the Roman Coliseum.  The Apostle Peter's guidance, the catacombs under Rome and Rome's burning being blamed on the Christians are also memorial.

Because of the scenes of blood letting and violence this film may not be suitable for children.  PG-13. 1961. 137 minutes. Widescreen. See at here Highly Recommended for Christians and Jews



Behind the Sun   An emotionally charged film about the life of a Muslim who becomes a Christian.

Samir Majan, a young man born and raised a Muslim in the Middle East attends college in America. After receiving a degree from a university in Chicago, he begins his trip back home to see his family. But something has drastically changed in the young manís life since coming to the States. As his welcoming committee awaits his arrival, the young man is overcome by fear. Samir knows trouble and persecution lie ahead because he has done the Samir has become a Christian.

This is a story of a young man's choice...a father's pain...and a family torn apart. This dramatization set in the Middle East is based on real-life situations where believers face persecution, loneliness and even death when their own families reject them for choosing Jesus.

The film was originally released in 1995 by Brother Andrew's Open Doors International and is now available on DVD. In both English and Spanish.  56 minutes.


See at here Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.


Beyond the Gates of Splendor


Narrated by Steve Saint, the son of one of the missionaries and each of the wives of the men who were martyred while doing the Lord's work.

  • A beautifully crafted documentary about five young Baptist missionaries who were martyred by a savage tribe of Indians in the mid 1950s and the heroic effort of reconciliation that has followed.
  • Set in the Amazon basin of Ecuador, Beyond the Gates of Splendor tells the story of the Waodani, a violent and isolated tribe, and five North American families who contacted them. All five of the North American men were killed (Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Pete Fleming, and Ed McCully). Elisabeth Elliot, the wife of one of the men, and Rachel Saint, the sister of another, went to live with the Waodani. Later, Steve Saint, the son of one of the slain men moved his family from Florida to live with the same Waodani family that had killed his father.
  • See at here

    2002, Full screen, PG-13, 96 minutes Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.

Beyond the next mountain Edward Ashley

Barry Foster

Alberto Isaac

Saeed Jaffrey

Anna Lee
At the close of the 19th century, the British branded the Hmar people of northeast India as "the worst headhunters." It was a label well deserved at the time. But in 1910, a single copy of the New Testament Gospel of John came into this village and changed the course of history for the Hmar people. Through that single copy of John's Gospel, Chawnga, the father of Rochunga Pudaite, was introduced to a revolutionary "new life in Christ." He and a few tribesmen "forsook all and followed Christ." Chawnga believed that Rochunga was God's chosen instrument to bring the Scriptures to the entire Hmar tribe in their own language.

This is the story of Rochunga's personal pilgrimage. It is an unforgettable saga of his dedication to a vision and of the Lord's direction in his life. Filmed in India, Hawaii, Scotland and America, this beautiful film will be enjoyed by the entire family.

  • Language: Hindi, Korean, Spanish, English
  • Subtitles: English

Full screen, 2004. 97 minutes. See at Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.


Bonhoeffer Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace Ulrich Tucker

Robert Joy

Johanna Klante

Ulrich Noethan


Tatjanna Blacher

John Nevulle

Blu Mankuma


What is a moral person to do in a time of savage immorality? Dramatization of life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German the Lutheran Pastor, who was imprisoned by the Nazis and hanged in 1945 for his opposition of Hitler and the Nazis. He stood by the Jews; understanding that Our Lord Himself was a Jew. A sweet martyr for Christ. He willingly paid the penalty for being another "Suffering Servant" of the Lord. Winner Best Film Monte Carlo television festival.

Choose English, German, Spanish or Portuguese

Highly recommended for Christians and Jews. 90 min

See at


Brother Sun, Sister Moon Graham Faulkner

Judi Bowker

Alec Guinness

The movie represents, the true beauty of the Franciscan chrism. The joy, simplicity and love that Saint Francis embodied.  It follows St. Francis of Assisi through his early years.   Its stirring music may linger in your ears.  And its simple message of love, the same as Jesus taught --just may touch your heart. Sir Alec Guinness wanted to play the part of the Pope (Innocent III) - as he had just converted to Catholicism not long before the making of this film. Fabulous scenery of Italy.

1972, 121 min,  Rated PG (Beware nudity: there is one scene where Francis gets a bit too free.  Not a full frontal nude scene, but a full shot from behind. Tastefully done, however.). Recommended for Christians & Jews.


China Cry DVD China Cry Julia Nickson Soul

Russell Wong

James Shigeta

This is a true story.  Her story is wrapped up within one of the most incredible marvels in all world history: how the Christian church survived under repressive atheistic communism in China. But it did more than survive. It thrived and multiplied. We can better understand these heroic Chinese Christians through Noraís story. Adopted by a prominent family in Shanghai in 1941, little Sung Neng Yee (Nora Lam) is treated like a princess. . . until the bombs drop, and the Japanese seize her house. After the defeat of the Japanese, she joins the Communists, believing they are the liberators of China. All goes well until she falls in love with Iam Cheng Shen from Hong Kong. Communist officials decide to break her of any bourgeois tendencies.

103 minutes.  In English.  Includes Spanish & Portuguese soundtracks with or without English Subtitles also. Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.  PG-13

Purchase at Christian here Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.


Constantine and The Cross Constantine and The Cross Cornel Wilde

Christine  Kaufman

Belinda Lee

Massimo Serata

Elisa Cegani


Most of the movie centers around political intrigue between Constantine and those in Rome who want to usurp his power and prestige. There is a good amount of Roman battle scenes (Civil war). A very small part of the movie is also taken up fighting the barbarians.

However, it is a good example of just what Christian Martyrs by the tens of thousands had to endure (death) before Constantine came on the scene. Some here say that it is not factual. Yet evidence from antiquity is strong that Constantine did have a conversion due to divine intervention. He was alone among emperors to fight for religious freedom.  Constantine did not convert immediately after seeing the cross in the sky. But the stage was set.  His mother (Helena/to Catholics: St Helena) is portrayed very well in this movie.

In this movie, I was glad to see that we see in the Christians of the time, a sincere, unwavering love for Christ.  How else could they go so willingly to their deaths. 

At such a very small price ($3.95 at Amazon Dec 05) for this fully restored and digitally enhanced film, you just can't go wrong.

1960, 120 min.

Countdown to Armageddon Countdown to Armageddon  

History has proven the unerring accuracy of Bible prophecy. Therefore there can be no doubt that its hundreds of prophecies about the last days of our planet Earth, will also be fulfilled, just as surely as the ones that have already been fulfilled in the past. The only question is when? (50 minutes) Highly Recommended for Christians & Jews.

Movie Ratings

G General Audiences Films contain nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children.
PG Parental Guidance Suggested Some material may not be suitable for children.
PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. 
R Restricted Under 17 requires an accompanying parent or guardian.

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