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Look immediately left and a bit WNW of this guys head


picture was poor quality photo (not digital) to begin with
However, it was a polaroid picture - nearly impossible to fake.

real demon picture


It almost appears as if the two demons are defiantly posing.  The smaller one immediately left of human's head seems to have his arm around the larger one.  Note the longer hair on the larger demon.  Perhaps Roman or Greek cut?

Click and drag photo to resize

Above is zoomed in and "blown up" of area WNW of his head.

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Same picture - just darkened

also below immediately left of his head - perhaps a 2nd demon buddy of the above?

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photo analysis by
(we examined the actual original photo)

My guess is that this is probably 2 real demons. I recommend people read Malachi Martin's true book about 5 American Exorcisms, "Hostage to the Devil". The similarities with the demons in this picture and what Malachi describes makes me think that this may have been an evil spirit known as a "familiar" with a demon buddy.

Maybe this will help convince Christians and Jews that demons are real--Just as Jesus said. Most often someone has to invite the spirit in --not always though...

Sleep well tonight! LOL... But it really is nothing to laugh about...


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