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What is a Unitarian?

Today, most Unitarian Universalists do not consider themselves Christians, even if they share some beliefs quite similar to those of mainstream Christians. Universalists believe in a loving God.

To a fundamental Christian, a Unitarian is a heretic who has rejected Jesus as the only "way, the truth and the light". A Unitarian on one hand says that Jesus is the greatest teacher. But Unitarians are blinded to His teachings. Jesus said "I and the Father are One". And, Jesus also taught John 14:6 Jesus said, "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.

To a Christian, a Unitarian seems like someone who can never make up their mind about anything. One of their claims is that they are Unitarians so not to be led into errors by the "teachings of men". But, in remaining outside Christianity, and truly grasping the teachings of Jesus, they fall into the same trap they propose to be hiding from --being misled by men who teach them false doctrines. The Unitarians reject the doctrine of eternal damnation, the Trinity (triune God), and the divinity of Jesus. Universalism is the theological doctrine that all souls will ultimately be saved and that there are no torments of hell.

Unitarian emphasis on the exercise of human reason caused Unitarians to cease to regard the Bible as the ultimate authority in matters of faith.  In the 19th century the Universalist church was the first to ordain women. The American Unitarian Association was organized in Boston in May of 1825 and met annually in Boston until the merger with the Universalist Church of America in 1961. 

The theological roots of Unitarianism are found in 16th century Europe (Hungary, Poland and Romania) where some biblical scholars rejected the idea of the trinitarian Christian God, claiming that a single God was more consistent with the Bible. Hence the name Unitarian. Also at that time, the first Act of Religious Toleration in Europe, granting religious freedom, was legislated in Transylvania, where the king and his subjects were largely Unitarian.

In sixteenth century Transylvania, Francis David (1510-1579) became the founder of the first Unitarian faith to be known literally as Unitarian. Francis David had originally trained as a Catholic priest before becoming a Lutheran and then a Calvinist, and then finally a Unitarian. In the year 1568, King John Sigismund called a Diet (debate) in the city of Turda to determine which of the established religions in the area would be declared the official religion of his realm. During that lengthy debate, Francis David held his ground against all the other established religions in the region and convinced King John Sigismund that to declare one religion as the state religion and to compel his people to follow that religion was wrong. King John proclaimed religious freedom throughout his realm, the first such declaration known in history.  This victory did not last long, within three years King John was dead, and his successor did not hold his tolerant views.  Francis David was ultimately sentenced to prison for refusing to acknowledge that Jesus Christ was to be at least Adored, and he died in the prison at Deva in 1579. 

One Must be a Christian to be Saved!

References for this is found in John 14:6; Acts 4:12, and 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16. One cannot be a Christian without verbally confessing the deity of Jesus the Christ. One cannot even pray to God, let alone have sins remitted by Him, without approaching Him through Jesus (John 14:6 and 13, 15:16; 16:23-24; Romans 5:2, and Ephesians 2:18).

I know Muslims and Mormons, Christian Scientists, Jehovah Witnesses, Unitarians, Scientologists, Moonies, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Seventh Day Adventists -and many others - will not want to hear this, but the Bible declares that Jesus was the FINAL revelation of God to man (Hebrews 1:1-3). There have been no others.