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Theomatics, Christmatics & basic Gematria

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Gematria & Christmatics

Question to Jesus
: Did you hide your Numbers in the alphabet characters of both ancient Hebrew, and ancient Greek on purpose?
Question 2 to Jesus: But why are we not aware of them as being numbers too? Is it so that the devil would think he could steal away our awareness of them as they were actually used? Dumb devil! But he has stolen our awareness of them a little bit at a time beginning with Roman Numerals. Is this correct?

Did God mean for the Computer to help save sinners just prior to the Rapture or Second Coming?  Genesis 50:20 (Orig-KJV) "But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive".  See what Australian Kevin Acres found germane to this passage... Here

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The Code That Counts : Bible Code Truth, by Waldo N. Larson

*Bible Probe makes NO money on books it recommends. is simply linked for convenience. Note: This book may not be for everyone.  It is deep into numbers.


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Theomatics (as in Theo=God) & matics

The implications of all this is staggering! It means that God---sometime in eternity past---orchestrated and planned every event mentioned in the Bible---right down to the last "jot and tittle." Every single person that was to be born, what their names were going to be, and the precise time of their birth... the time and manner that everything was to happen... and what every word in the Bible would ultimately be. Each and every word had to be spelled precisely so it would come out to its exact and pre-determined numerical value, and then be placed into the text in a precise location. All of this took place without mankind having any direct knowledge that behind earth's stage, God was pulling all the strings and manipulating the entire drama.

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