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1200 DPI SCAN of original snapshot-we did

Imagine you aim your camera down at a your tabletop, and only when the picture is developed -this image appears.  And that's not you reflected in the picture.

Click and drag above photo to resize


Click and drag above photo to resize

Brenda wrote us.  Here is the explanation as to how this picture came about.

This photo was captured in May of 2002 when I had several friends over for a visit... We were all gathered in my kitchen in another area other than the kitchen table which this particular photo was captured..  It was taken by my son who was age 6. We had no clue that there was another soul around other than me, my friends and son until we had this 35mm shot developed and witnessed this head that seemed to sit upon the surface of the table... Note how there is nothing there to support the images head, seems to be just hovering above the surface...

We respectfully call her "The Spirit Lady"...
This is Real.