Stanley Wilson's NDE

I will state that when this N.D.E. occurred I was already a Christian and this event happened around the year 2000. I was 52 at that time; I had been saved since my early 20's.

Since my teens I was always up to something, but my parents said they prayed for protection over me and boy do I believe it!

So I will tell some of the times Jesus watched over me, in about the 6th grade I was playing in the park with my cousin when a gang of kids started picking on me, I was the type of kid that was willing to fight, the leader threw gravel in my face I threw gravel at him, the fight was on and I was winning, then the whole gang jumped me. My cousin got scared and ran off down the ally, between all of the kicks and fist I could see him running and I forgave him .Anyway one boy tried to stab me with a knife but there were so many people on me he was only able to nick my side, and then they ran off. Thank God.

Another time, when a friend and I were teenagers we were sniffing lighter fluid in my friend's barn; it was a very dangerous thing to do. Chickens walked in and then out, one walked back in and said, " Dusty you'd better quit that". I said Dusty did you hear that? He said, Yes that chicken said "Dusty you'd better quit that". We both dropped our lighter fluid cans and ran out. Man was God watching us that day!

Once, I was speeding in my pickup on a residential street when I was about 17, I was driving on pure ice and my truck started spinning, I was turning so fast that I could not get off of the passengers door. There were cars parked on both sides of the road, I hit nothing. Again, thank Jesus. There are many other times he protected me.

I will reveal one other special event, and then tell the N.D.E. story. I was in my 30ís when an international church sent a letter to my house stating, Send in your most important prayers we will seal them in cement and bury them and pray over them daily until the lord comes. I decided to do it and about a month later I was riding in my pickup truck thinking to myself, God has to answer these prayers because so many people are praying!

Out of no where in a verbal voice God said, IT IS NOT BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE PRAY, IT IS BECAUSE I ANSWER THE PRAYERS! In the Bible, it states that God corrects his children. This was one of those times.

Now it is time for my N.D.E., I was one of those guys that refused to go to the doctor, even though my health was not in good condition. I was so tired at times I would lay on the floor, right then and there, to rest. I was also having a special kind of seizers and did not know it at the time. When I would go to bed, I had a tendency to slow down on breathing and totally relax. One night I stopped breathing all of the sudden, I went into a really bright tunnel that was full of white light, but it did not hurt my eyes; I was moving at an extreme speed upwards. I would say that the tunnel was about 12 feet wide, the white light permeated everywhere up and down the sides, it seemed to be penetrating through the walls it was actually very beautiful. I realized I was out of my body, but all of my senses were still there. Gravitational pull was not there nor G forces. I am pretty sure that I was traveling at least the speed of light, but all of the sudden I was slowing down, at the top of the tunnel there were things hanging down; they were about 20 feet long and completely filled the tunnel. They looked like white silk punching bags, they were extremely clean. When I ran into them they wadded up and stopped me, I automatically started pushing them apart and moving upward through them, when I got through them the next thing I got a hold of was the edge of a hole in a floor. I felt as though I was being birthed again into a new world. I looked around in the great big room while still hanging onto the edge of the floor, off to the right and front of me about 10 feet away was a wide and long table. At the end of the table closest to me was a man sitting in a throne type chair; he was clothed in a white robe. I was to his back left side, I could see his dark wavy brown hair shine, it was a mahogany color and it came down to his shoulders. Also, I saw his pronounced nose from my backside angle realizing the Middle Eastern influence, of course I already knew who he was and is, the only begotten son of God JESUS CHRIST. He never looked around at me, but I knew he was aware of me. There were four men sitting to the left of Jesus, they had on white Jewish caps and I nearly know they were some of his disciples.

I floated out of the hole in the floor and went past Jesus to his left side, never looking at him again. Floating right above the man closest to Jesus, I noticed he had curly hair; I was so close I could smell his scalp. All of the sudden at a long distance I could hear my wife hollering what is the matter with you? And immediately I was back in my body. She said I was not breathing and had no pulse. I do not know how long I was gone. When I became aware that I was back, I was excited and wanted to tell my wife what happened, but I had been without oxygen so long I could not form my words. After some time I came to believe that the reason I did not see Jesus' face was because of Exodus 33:20 that states, You cannot see My face; for no man can see Me and live.

If you are a Christian I hope my story encourages you and if not I hope you see that you need to get saved. Everything I said is true, realize that life could be taken from you at anytime. ASK JESUS TO SAVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE.

Your friend Stanley A. Wilson

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