DEC 2006:

Samantha "G" wrote:

I had gone to the Velda Rose in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and, just after I left, my mum and I heard that it was haunted.  There were strange going ons with the elevators (they would go up one floor then down, up two floors, then down, and so on until it reached the top floor, but nobody ever got on or off)  The next time I went there, I got my digital camera and took a lot of pictures of the room.  Only one turned up with anything weird on it.  My mum and I checked the wall to make sure nothing was on it, and we checked the windows to make sure that the curtains were closed completely. - actually two things were "paranormal" in this picture.  There seems to be a small "spirit boy" crouching next to the bed, and then there is the writing on the wall that only appeared in the high resolution picture with flash.

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