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"He Came to Set the Captives Free"
by Rebecca Brown, MD
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He Came to Set the Captives Free

For seventeen years, Elaine served her master, Satan, with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. Elaine, one of the top witches in the U.S. clashed with Dr. Brown, who stood against her alone. In the titanic life-and-death struggle that followed, Dr. Brown nearly lost her life. Elaine, finding a power and love greater than anything Satan could give her, left Satan and totally committed her life to Jesus Christ.

This is an honest, in-depth account of Satan's activities today. You'll see how to

- Recognize and combat the many satanists who regularly infiltrate and
destroy Christian churches.

- Recognize and combat satanic attacks

- Recognize those serving Satan, and bring them to Jesus Christ

Page 30-32

This group which secretly calls itself The Brotherhood, is made of up people who are directly controlled by, and worship, Satan. It is a rapidly growing and very dangerous cult. It has two major centers in the U.S. - the West coast, mostly in the Los Angeles-San Francisco area, and another in the mid-western U.S. where Doctor Brown lives. They are divided into local groups, or chapters, called covens. The covens range in size from 5-10 people to several thousand. This is the same cult written about in Hal Lindsey's book, "Satan is Alive And Well on Planet Earth", and in Mike Warnke's book, "The Satan Seller". It is also the counterpart of the group in England written about in the book "Freed from Witchcraft", by Doreen Irvine.

This cult is extremely secretive. No written records of membership are kept. Even the contracts with Satan signed in blood by the members are burned by the high priests and high priestesses. (This is not common knowledge among the lower ranking members.) These satanists infest every level of society - the poor and the rich. The very well educated, the police force, government officials, business men and women, and even some so-called Christian ministers. Most of all of them attend local Christian churches and are considered "good citizens" because of their involvement in local civil activities. This is all done as a cover-up. They lead double lives and are expert at it; masters of deception.

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light, therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness.." II Corinthians 11:14-15

They all go by code names at their meetings so that, should they meet each other on the street, often as not they would not know each other's name. They are rigidly disciplined by Satan and his demons. They practice human sacrifice several times a year and animal sacrifice on a monthly basis. The human sacrifices are most often babies--born our of wedlock to various cult members, cared for by the doctors and nurses within the cult so that the mother is never seen in a hospital -- the baby's birth is never registered, neither is it's death. Other sacrifices are kidnapped victims, a cult member who is being disciplined, or who volunteers, Dr Brown suspects because they can no longer live with themselves. Many of them are cold blooded murderers, extremely skillful.

Each coven is led by a high priest and a high priestess. These people get to their position by obtaining favor with Satan by various means and by obtaining greater and greater powers of witchcraft. There is much in-fighting within the group. There is an elite society of witches within the cult called The Sisters of Light. There are several occult groups in the U.S. who call themselves The Illuminati, most are not a part of The Brotherhood. There is a group called the Illuminati made up of mostly of people who are directly descended from the Druids of ancient England. They are extremely powerful and dangerous people and are linked to The Brotherhood. They practice human sacrifice frequently.

Incredible atrocities are committed within the cult by humans so controlled by the demons within them that they lose all emotions of love and compassion and become cruel beings that hardly seem human.

The rapidity of growth of The Brotherhood is a mark of the end-times we are in and a direct fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

PAGE 39:
An ex-high priestess (Elaine) of The Brotherhood writes:

I watched in amazement as she and the high priest took up positions on opposite sides of a large pentagram (five pointed star) drawn on the floor in the middle of the stage. The pentagram was drawn inside of a circle and a black candle sat at each point of the star. With merely a wave of her hand the high priestess lit all the candles at once without touching any of them. Then she started an incantation, the high priest joining in with the chant. The audience also chanted at certain points when directed to do so by the ringing of the little bells.

Suddenly the pentagram was engulfed in a whoosh of smote and blinding light. The room was instantly filled with a foul odor as of burning sulfur. A huge demon appeared in a physical manifestation in the center of the circle, flames surrounded him. He was huge, about 8 feet tall. He glowered menacingly at me, weaving back and forth. The high priestess (Grace) turned to me and told me that if I did not obey and sign the contract that I would be given to the demon to torture until he finally killed me.

PAGE 53-54
An ex-high priestess (Elaine) of The Brotherhood writes:

Young people please listen to me --ANY involvement in the occult is a trap! There is no easy way out. Satan can do to you the same things he did to me and worse. I pray daily that God will somehow show those of you who are trapped that you can get out. Satan doesn't have you even though you have signed a contract. The contract can be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. You can be freed from that contract if you ask Jesus into your life to forgive you, and wash you clean from all your sins, to become your Lord and Savior and Master. Satan is always working for your destruction, Jesus wants to give you life.

page 56-57:
An ex-high priestess (Elaine) of The Brotherhood writes:

It was during that last visit to California that one of the incidents happened that started me on the road to accepting Christ, started me questioning Satan's claim to being more powerful than God. The high priest gathered a number of us together and told us that there was a family nearby who had been interfering with Satan. They had been converting a number of the cult members to the enemy, Jesus Christ, and were making a nuisance of themselves. Satan had given the order for them all to be killed. The high priest told us that we were all to go together in our spirit bodies (astral project), and kill them. So, we sat down in a circle with our candles in front of us and consciously left our bodies going in our spirits to the house to destroy these people. I was not at all enthusiastic about the project, but had no choice. If I had disobeyed I would have been killed.

Much to our surprise, as we arrived at the edge of this family's property, we could go no further. The whole area was surrounded by huge angels. The angels stood side by side holding hands. They were dressed in long white robes and stood so close together that their shoulders touched. They had no armor or weapons. Nobody could get through them, no matter how we tried. Any kind of weapon used merely bounced off of them doing them no harm. They laughed at us at first, daring us to come ahead and try to get through them. The other cult members got more furious with each passing moment. Suddenly their countenance changed and the fierce look from their eyes made all of us fall backwards onto the ground. A very humbling experience, I might add!

I will never forget--as I sat on the ground looking up at them, one of the angels looked directly into my eyes and said to me in the most loving voice I had ever heard, "Won't you please accept Jesus as your Lord? If you pursue the course you are taking you will be destroyed. Satan really hates you, but Jesus loves you so much that He died for you. Please consider turning your life over to Jesus." That was the end of the battle for me. I refused to try any longer to get through. I was very shaken. The others tried for a while longer, but none succeeded. I doubt the family ever knew of the battle going on outside their house. They were completely protected! We called this particular type of special angels "link angels." Absolutely nothing can get through them. I was secretly thankful that we did not get through and the link angels had given me much to think about.

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