Colin's NDE

I had been reading an old book about the Grape cure which tells you to eat only grapes for a month, and in the book was a description of a neck collar which you put on and then hang yourself with it and the collar stretches your spine and makes you really healthy and taller. I thought I'd just use a rope instead and stretch my neck and spine that way so I got a rope and put it around my neck and carefully stepped off the chair so that the rope wouldn't jerk and break my neck. As soon as my weight was on the rope I saw a bright light above me and I felt pure love coming from the light. I had never felt so happy and I could feel myself leaving my body and moving into the light. Memories of my life passed before me and I knew I had died but I wasn't afraid. I just wanted to be free forever and I let myself float upwards into the light. It felt completely calm and serene and I thought about how everyone I knew would miss me, but I knew I was going to a better place.

Then I started to hear rustling and clicking sounds next to me and I turned around and saw Satan standing right next to me. He was wearing a red and black robe and his face looked like a living skeleton. I was terrified and I tried to get away but I couldn't move. He put his face right next to mine and said he had been waiting for me and I had to go with him. I looked around for the loving light but it was gone and all I could see were ugly little creatures laughing at me. They looked like trolls or goblins.

Then I felt myself being grabbed from behind and held tightly and then I was raped by these demons. I started to scream and cry out to God to help me, and all the small devils laughed in small cackling voices, and then suddenly everything stopped and I felt myself falling very fast back into my body. My friend was calling my name and holding my body up while she took the noose off my neck. I was twitching violently and couldn't control myself. She lay me on the floor and after a few minutes I regained control of myself. I didn't tell her what had happened because I knew she wouldn't believe me. I went and bought a Bible that day and sat in the church reading it and praying for God to save me from Satan.

I was seventeen when that happened and when I was thirty three Satan appeared again in my house.

Also when I was a small boy I was taken to Hell. I was made to watch big guards with spears herding people before a magistrate who was sitting on a throne. One by one the people stood in front of the magistrate and he read out their crimes from a scroll. Then the guards took hold of the person and threw them off the cliff into the fiery lake. There were lots of people in the lake and they didn't die, they just writhed around in agony. They held up their arms and their flesh was dripping off them. Many years later I saw an oil painting of the exact same Hell. Everything was the same in every detail. It was obvious that someone else had seen the same Hell I had seen. So I knew it was not just me..

Once when I was about nineteen I was riding my bike past an old cemetery and above the wall I saw a stone angel reaching up to God. I thought it looked beautiful so I went in to get a closer look. The angel was about five or six feet tall and was standing on top of a thick stone pillar. When I got to the angel's feet I looked up and suddenly the sky seemed to open and a heavenly light poured down onto me. I could feel the love of my heavenly Father soaking into every atom of my being and my heart melted with pure love for him. I remembered that he was my greatest friend and somehow I had forgotten him. I wept bitterly for hours and the light kept pouring onto me the whole time. Eventually I went home and was a completely changed person.

Colin Anderson