4 Year Old Drowning

When I was about 4 years old, almost 5, my family went to a party for my Grandfather's birthday.  It was held at my uncle's home and he had a backyard swimming pool.  I can clearly recall holding on to the edge of the pool and watching my older sister swimming about 30 feet away.   I thought that I would like to go and swim with her and so I let go of the edge of the pool and started to try to swim over to her.  I didn't know how to swim, and the motions that I made didn't help me to float whatsoever.  Immediately I began to sink, and I recall taking in large mouthfuls of water and a feeling of panic setting in.  I was trying to get my head above water to scream, but with each scream I inhaled more water until I felt I was going to burst.  At that point, this feeling came over me - it was a peace.  I remember thinking "I am going to die".  Perhaps an odd thought for a four year old, but I recall thinking it, and feeling peaceful about it.  I then recall, but quite hazily, a figure somewhat like a person, but angelic, jumping into the pool with me and cradling me.  Then blackness.  I don't have any recollection of being anywhere else, but then my next memory is of seeing everyone huddled around a small girl on the edge of the pool. 

The next clear memory I have is of the feeling of lying on the edge of the pool, and feeling the cold, bumpy pavement under my body.  I remember hearing voices all around me, and my parents voices.  I opened my eyes, but I could not see.  I began to scream (I recall being so scared) "I can't see! I can't see!!"  and chaos all around me.  Then my mom picked me up and started to say to me "Cara.  Say, 'In the name of Jesus, I can see'.  Say it, Cara.  'In the name of Jesus I can see'"  So I began to say "In the name of Jesus, I can see.  I can't see!!"  and she kept saying to me, say it honey, say it. Then I recall saying it many times, and then all of a sudden I could begin to see shadows and lights.  Then my vision returned. 

My parents rushed me to the hospital and the medical staff kept me overnight for observation.  They were amazed that I didn't have any ill effects, no brain damage, etc.  My parents weren't sure how long I was under the water, but it could have been as long as 7 minutes.  Between 5-7 from the time my mother last saw me in the pool.  That night, when my mother came to the hospital to rock me to sleep (she had been at home putting my siblings to bed) I told her what had happened.  She wrote it down later that night.  I told her that I had wanted to swim to Lori (my sister) and that I couldn't get there.  I was scared, but then an angel jumped in with me and I wasn't scared anymore. 

"Cara. Alberta, Canada"