What's the purpose of the Bible Codes?

When I was in the Navy, I had a high security clearance and attended a school on "Codeworded" Authentication Codes.

To attempt an explanation of this, suppose you are a U.S. submarine commander just below the surface of the Atlantic ocean. On board you have many ballistic missiles. One day you receive from the White House a highest priority message with the highest "Codeword". It is an order for you to launch your missiles which will without a doubt begin a third world war and annihilate many cities. Obviously in this "electronic" day and age of hackers and terrorists it is absolutely necessary that there be an authentication system to ensure that the launch message you just received did in fact come from the President of the United States. A message such as this will not at any time be acted upon until it passes an elaborate "authentication system". In this case the authentication system may or may not include: the commander and at least two other individuals on board studying the authentication code in the White House message and agreeing that based on classified known criteria including certain patterns and number counts that it is authentic. And then only after this passes their inspection will all three unlock the silos with 3 individual keys.

This is what I believe the Bible Codes are like...Evidence is mounting that the Bible codes are from God to ensure we are absolutely certain that the Bible as passed to us over thousands of years is the Word of God!
ARE THESE BIBLE CODES FOR SURE?  There are way too many occurrences in these Bible Codes suggesting that they are probably not here by chance.  If you were to ask me if you should base any theological or dogmatic decisions on these alone vs the Holy Scripture in the Bible --I will say; "absolutely not".

Are these a 100% sure thing?  Not enough is yet known about Bible Codes at this time to say that.  One thing I have noted about the Bible Codes is that, just like ALL Scripture--they too point toward, and scream out; "Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is the Son of God, He is your Savior, Your Messiah, Lord of Lord and King of Kings".  Listen to the Holy Spirit in all matters of faith and dogma.  The fact that the words; "Jesus is My Name" was not too long ago found by Yacov Rambsel in the most germane "Suffering Servant" passage (Isaiah 53) lends more credibility to these codes.  God's saving grace is a an un broken pattern both in the Biblical text and perhaps also now via the Bible Codes.


When you read the Bible you can stop listening to the academic doubters that say the Bible is not to be taken as literally or as a historic record! Some of the same doubters (some actually church pastors among them) arrogantly and erroneously claim that bible stories are just tales and that there was no virgin birth of Christ.

Essential to understanding the Bible is its central focus.  The Bible absolutely points toward the Lord Jesus Christ at the central point. You will also realize that the Exodus and the parting of the Sea happened, and that Moses did write the first books of the Bible exactly as God had directed Him to do--and even more startling --  probably word by word and letter by letter.

The Bible is in fact the Word of God and has been directly inspired by God!

Within the Bible God forbids us to try and foretell the future! So, the Bible Codes are not to be used that way!  Everything found so far has been "after the fact".

But the more you study the Bible there can also be no doubt that Our Lord Jesus suffered for us, was crucified on a Roman Cross in Jerusalem, rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven.  The Bible will assure you that Jesus (Yeshua) Christ is the absolute central point of the entire Bible, that Jesus is merciful, forgiving and wonderful, and that He will come for his Church!  

Another astounding development in the search for the truth revealed via the Bible Codes is that we are now  beginning to see not only truths clustered "below" the truths they speak of in the text--but in some instances God has actually drawn pictures with these codes.  Bible-codes.org is deeply involved with this "graphic search". 

Steve Keohane,
Bible Probe
Woburn, Massachusetts, USA