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Ghost(s) in my room

ghosts in my room

Below is what Angie is looking at

We at blew this up and did a simple Gamma Correction just to darken it. No manipulation was done.  (gamma R.2 G.2 B.2)

September 15, 2006

Here's the story:

First, I'd like to explain that my name is Angela and I'm 18 years old. Since I was small, very strange things seem to follow me around. I could see things other people couldn't see, and my deja vous ended up becoming reality most of the time. Dabbling with the occult and psychic phenomena, I attracted more and more things to myself -- most unwanted. I remember laying on my bed, candles lit, and feeling a strange presence in my room. I casually asked, "so, who are you?" without expecting a response.
"Thomas." ...there was no one home to answer. Needless to say, I ran up back to Jesus, pronto.

Mom would always tell me not to play with fire, so to speak. She was an avid, zealous Christian. To her, it seemed like practically everything was the devil (and it's not far from being such). So, I tried to listen and I asked God that if this was a bad thing, to eliminate it from me at once, but if it would help him in some way, to let it stay. Though not as terrifying as it was before, many of these "qualities" of me still remain. Who knows? Maybe I'll cast out demons some day.

I digress, however. The picture I submitted was taken on the date it says. At first, I was just taking snap shots of myself to post up on xanga and such. But, I got that subconcious inkling and I looked up to a corner of my room (aiming to look dramatically yearning for hope or something of the like) and snapped a picture. A few days later on when I was uploading them and showing them to my friends, asking their opinion wether I was to use this picture or another one, they pointed out a face in the corner of my room looking right back down at me. I don't have photoshop or any other altering software (hopefully I'll get it tomorrow), so this isn't a fake. I tried to find this ghost soon after with more pictures, but no luck. I still am not sure what my standpoint is on ghosts and the like, but use this for whatever it may serve you for.