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Lots can happen during 40 days
in a Cambodian Prison
See Heng Kim Neang's own testimony below

Mao An and Keng Kim Neang

Our beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord, here are some correction and additions to their testimonies. 

We are so excited that our 3 dear people of God who were in prison are now free. We are grateful and give thanks to you that your prayers moved the hands of God.  We can easily see that the hands of God are with His people at all times, and in all places. You know, during a period of time in prison of 40 days, from November October 2006 we were able to see the hand of God was with His people. Here we share the testimony of our people about the
time they spent locked up in prison:

They were sent to prison the same day they were arrested.  Normally, when new prisoners arrive in prison, those prisoners already there will beat the new prisoners (especially the men)
severely, inside their cells.  Our Christian people were so scared upon arrival in prison; so they asked the Lord to intervene.  Almost immediately the other prisoners dropped their rods and
their sticks - and no one hit them.  Everybody was amazed at these Christian people.

The food for the prisoners in this prison is well known to be very bad.  Food each prisoner receives usually consists of a small bowl of smelly rice and a small amount of rotten fish. But
the Lord gave our people favor with the prison officials, and He moved their hearts to show love towards His people. A male nurse on the prison staff was especially helpful to our dear people.
This nurse helped our people by providing food and special care.  This nurse bought the things our people needed, and also let our people buy things on credit.

A Christian widow and her daughter shared the same prison cell with 9 other people. In that single cell - 6 out of these 9 cell mates accepted the Lord.  That particular cell became a place
of worship and prayer to the Lord Jesus. Three of these prisoners in that cell were prison "leaders".  These 3 people also asked the widow to be their god mother.

In a different cell, was the son of this same widow. It happened, that the leader of this prison cell, who had already been in prison a long time, became a friend with the widow's son.
Both men ate and talked together. This cell leader who was previously rejected from both society and even his family, accepted the Lord. He will be released next month. This man has
promised that after he is released, he will come to live with the people of God and serve the Lord all of his life.

It is amazing, that during the time our church people were in prison, 8 other people accepted the Lord.

Prior to being thrown into prison, both the son and daughter of the widow, were weak and shallow in their Christian faith. Now these two cannot stop talking about Jesus, and they will not stop giving their testimonies about the Lord. Now, finally after all this happened, the people in that village are waking up. This good Christian family lost many things, and had to pay many expenses, during their time in bondage.  They also had to put up money to pay for a bond prior to their release. Regardless of all that happened to them, they are full of joy, and their faith in the
Lord has been strengthened.

It is interesting that our people experienced exactly 40 days in prison.  We remember that the Lord Jesus underwent His own test of 40 days in the wilderness, and He also came out with the "fire of God". The widow said, "this is from God that He brought her and her children into a worldly hell that made her children fear God. Now they are really closer to God than ever."

So, our precious of the Lord, all this happened because of your prayers and your encouragement.  So, let us rejoice together and give all glory to the Lord. And if you want to bless them to cover the things lost, come on and bless them.

Your family in Cambodia

Mao An





Testimony of a Cambodian Mother in Jail
Heng Kim Neang

The reasons that had caused me (as the mother) to be placed in jail, had lasted a period of forty (40) days, I did nothing wrong. It was mainly because of the attacking (by a neighbor) since he only hated me as I believed in the Lord Jesus.

This man came to urinate my basin, and not only threw rocks inside my house but also took a stick to hit me. All of a sudden, my son came to help me on time from being hit by him and caught that stick away. My son knew that this man got from being drunk and we decided to separate from him and went home. After that, this old man took a motorcycle to report to the police in order to sue me.

The next day the police called me to go to the police station, by forcing me to pay money by not seeing/inspecting any damages of the incident as proof at all. Hence, I didn’t agree to pay at that point of time because I did nothing wrong to that man & the possible incident around him. The policemen were no longer settle this issue which instead delivered me to settle it at a court of Koh Kong province (Koh Kong Province Court); however, this court cared nothing about the case so left it there.

The court would automatically sent me with my son to prison. At that moment, I was so hopeless, no one to be relied on and I simply prayed from the bottom of my heart.

I was extremely nervous & afraid after seeing that fearful-looking prison truck. The authority did not place me inside that truck but took me to ride a royal high-authorized vehicle of the head of the court instead. It was the first wonderfulness which the Lord rescued me when I prayed to Him as I was in a crisis.

As I arrived to see the prison’s main gate & its signage, I was terrified by that. There was no hope whatsoever except to pray. When the prison guards opened the gate and brought me inside, there was a person holding a stick, walking towards me - I was very scared. I said in my heart "Father, pls. help me". When this person came nearer to me, just looking at my face and put the stick down and walked away.

The prison guards brought me further more, to be appeared the other black & big-size man, holding a stick walking towards me. At that moment, I thought again that I couldn’t get away with this but I was still desperately looking for God for help. When the man came to me, he didn’t hit my son – he just yelled in order to bully to take the clothes off. The both guards were in charge of the order of discipline. They took us to the room/cell we would go in – as soon as we entered – we made known "old prisoners always hit the new ones as a welcome and on one would be spared" – suddenly, there was a prisoner shouted & told "not allowed to hit her, if you dared to hit her, I will let her hit you back".

All these were totally the greatness of God that had helped to be protected in the crisis like His really exact words of promised. Both head prison guards were completely aggressive men which no one dared to see their faces directly. Strangely enough, they asked my son to be their friend and said that "I see your face like this that I can’t hit you at all. I see your mother as my mother." That very spot, he came to ask me to be his mother (as god-mother) and I began to have hope since I had a god-son as the head of the prison. He told me that ‘if he wouldn’t hit and on one would hit too’.

I myself got started to spread the Gospel through the narrations of the Bible stories – God created the heavens and earth, Adam, Eve, Noah and the story of Abraham – to let those whole prisoners listen. They just listened and not yet understood.

When the prisoners entered my cell and they called me ‘new thief’ then I started to tell the Bible stories – there were two thieves hung on the crosses between the Lord Jesus (God) then I asked questions – which of the two thieves shall be taken? They chose the second ones. In this case, I had the opportunity to bring six (6) prisoners to pray and to worship the Lord as the true faith through the narrated stories. There was a lady named "Vy" (pronounced "wee"), of among the six, had accepted the Lord. The Lord worked things out greatly by providing good food abundantly over there and He also blessed to get helpers such as doctor and a numbers of encouragers.

After all these things had happened, I got struggled with hardships by losing personal properties such as a motorcycle and a home but I would not be sorry for these things.

With a return that my Christian faith has become much stronger that the Lord Jesus has worked things out for my family so greatly - to be transformed my family’s lives as new ones. I thank you to the Lord with great joy.

This is from me as a mother whose name "Heng Kim Neang", my son "Heng Kim Seang" and my daughter "Heng Srey Mom".


                                     Thank You, Lord Jesus – Amen!